34-week pregnant mom aborted her own baby and was sentenced to jail – now leftists are outraged

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A pregnant mom in the UK lied about how far along she was in her pregnancy to obtain abortion drugs.

Taking matters into her own hands she killed her own baby – and received a short jail sentence for breaking the law.

But instead of insisting she rightfully be punished for murder, leftists are appallingly coming to her defense. 

Should murdering a baby be a slap on the wrist?

Abortion advocates think so.

The UK bans abortion after a woman is 24 weeks pregnant . . . 

. . . and does not allow women to take abortion pills at home if they are more than 10 weeks pregnant.

A pregnant mom of three knew the law – but she was determined to kill her nearly full-term baby anyways.

According to PA Media, the pregnant mom talked to a nurse at an abortion facility who concluded she was only seven weeks pregnant based on their conversation.

The abortion clinic mailed her abortion drugs – but then things took a sharp turn.

After the woman took the pills at home – she went into labor and ended up giving birth to a baby who was pronounced dead at the hospital.

PA Media reports the woman wasn’t 7 weeks pregnant . . .

. . . but was actually between 32 and 34 weeks along.

The cause of the stillbirth was 100 percent due to the woman taking abortion drugs.

14-Month prison sentence

In the UK the maximum prison sentence for her crime is life imprisonment – but instead she was only sentenced to 28 months – and required to serve just 14 of those months in custody, reported CNN. 

14 months for killing a baby?

Surely, people should be outraged at the slap on the wrist, right?


Instead, the pro-abortion crowd is upset that she was sentenced at all – even though she murdered her 8-month-old unborn baby!

Pro-abortion groups defend the killing of an 8-month-old baby

Make no mistake, the woman knew exactly what she was doing.

“The court also heard that the woman had made Google searches, including: ‘I need to have an abortion but I’m past 24 weeks’ and ‘Could I go to jail for aborting my baby at 30 weeks,’ The Guardian reported. 

But even with the evidence of a premeditated act – abortion advocates came to the woman’s defense.

The abortion provider, British Pregnancy Advisory Services (BPAS) was outraged at the sentence – and tweeted “Today, a mother-of-three has been jailed for 28 months after using abortion pills to end her own pregnancy. No woman can ever go through this again. We need abortion law reform in Great Britain NOW.”

Mandu Reid is the leader of the Women’s Equality party and wrote she was “devastated” for the jailed woman and her family. 

“This conviction serves no one, not her, not her children, not the public interest. All it does is punish a woman for seeking healthcare in the middle of a pandemic and risk deterring women who want or need an abortion from seeking that care in future. No one deserves to be criminalised for seeking healthcare, which is a human right,” The Guardian reported. 

But what pro-abortion radicals don’t understand is abortion is not a “human right.”

The only “human right” that was violated in this case was that of the 8-month-old baby who was brutally killed by its own mother. 

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