A 911 call from an abortion center revealed the horrifying truth Democrats don’t want you to know

A chilling 911 call revealed an unthinkable horror.

And the guilty party hoped the details would never come out. 

But now a 911 call from an abortion center revealed the horrifying truth Democrats don’t want you to know. 

A bloody center of terror

An abortion center in Granite City, Illinois ironically named “The Hope Clinic” does everything but provide hope for women.

Instead, abortion workers continue to not only kill unborn babies . . .

. . . but in the process, they brutalize the bodies of women – leading to multiple and continuous botched abortions and 911 calls.

Pro-Life advocates have even nicknamed the clinic the “hopeless” clinic since so many women walk in the doors but leave by an ambulance. 

Another botched abortion

A 31-year-old woman was the latest victim of an abortion gone wrong – and a 911 call revealed the horrifying details.

Operation Rescue released the call which revealed the abortion center asking for emergency transportation due to a “heavier than normal bleeding” adding that the woman needed a “higher level of care.” 

Of course, as past 911 calls revealed, “heavier than normal bleeding” after an abortion is likely caused by uterine perforation, reported Operation Rescue.

But the details of the 911 call were vague – not going into the horrifying details in a hope to downplay the situation.

When pressed to give more info, the provider admitted the woman was “stable”.

But Operation Rescue President Troy Newman isn’t buying it.

“Even if the patient’s vital signs were within normal limits, uncontrolled hemorrhaging is a life-threatening situation that certainly calls for emergency intervention. Anyone with common sense knows people don’t call 911 to ask for an ambulance if somebody is not in danger,” Newman said.

And he’s exactly right.

But abortion providers know they are under a high level of scrutiny, so every time they mess up and botch an abortion, they pretend it’s not urgent.

The truth is, botched abortions are a regular occurrence at the “Hope Clinic” which sends more women to the ER than any other abortionist in Illinois.

It’s pure insanity.

And Democrats are allowing the terror to continue. 

The Left is silent

Where is the outcry from the Left to “save the women” from being butchered and slaughtered and sent to the ER?

Why aren’t President Biden and his Democrat pals calling for an immediate investigation into the center and demanding they close the doors?

Because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

Democrats may “pretend” they care about protecting women.

But they don’t.

All they care about is ramming their anti-life agenda through and expanding their radical pro-abortion policies.

Botched and butchered women are merely a cost of “doing business” to the Left.

Along with the blood of unborn babies, the Left has the blood of every injured woman on their hands.

And if they can, Democrats hope the calls will stay buried so they can continue to bury the truth on what really happens behind closed doors of abortion centers.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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