A baby from India with Down syndrome was spared an abortion and this viral video will bring tears to your eyes

FamilyMan88, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Countries all around the world are quick to abort a baby simply because they have Down syndrome or another intellectual disability.

But one baby from India was given a chance at life . . .

. . . and her story will bring you to tears.

A touching adoption story of love

Ami was born in India and had Down syndrome.

But her disability didn’t stop an American family from opening up their home and hearts and adopting Ami as one of their own.

Her new mother, Megan, fell in love with Ami right away and was forever touched by her sweet spirit.

And now celebrating the one-year anniversary of Ami’s forever home, Megan wrote a touching post on Instagram showcasing the love of her precious baby girl.

“One year ago we met our daughter for the first time. Family of five, greeted at the airport, playing,” Megan wrote.

She continued “In October 2022 we became parents to the spunkiest, silliest, most beautiful “baby” girl born in India. She is smart, has the biggest heart, and rocks an extra chromosome. She was a missing piece to our family puzzle and we are so grateful to have spent one full year together.”

But Megan wanted to do more than just talk about Ami – she wanted to show the incredible love and joy Ami has experienced in her new home.

Megan posted a video compilation of her family traveling to pick up Ami and all the sweet adventures that have happened since.

Ami is seen laughing and smiling, and is as happy as she can be as she enjoys living with a family who loves and cherishes her.

Megan’s video tribute to Ami went viral and in only 10 days more than 242,000 people liked the video!

Days later, people are still commenting on the video and sharing it, deeply touched by this incredible act of love.

Choosing life for babies with Down syndrome

Although babies with Down syndrome grow on to live full lives, many people think they should never be born.

There is a push around the country, and even in the United States to abort a baby simply because they have an intellectual disability.

But Megan’s video shows a real life example of how much joy and love can come simply by choosing life and adopting a child others may have overlooked.

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