A bombshell undercover phone call at a Florida abortion facility revealed these chilling details

Ron DeSantis put a bullet in the agenda of the abortion lobby.

And they can’t stand it. 

But a bombshell undercover phone call at a Florida abortion facility revealed the chilling details of their plan to retaliate.

The new law of the land

Thanks to the steadfast leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, the Heartbeat Act was signed into law and abortion is now banned after a detectable heartbeat.

And the abortion lobby is furious.

They cannot stand to know women can’t just kill their babies because they “feel like it.”

Not to mention, abortion providers like Planned Parenthood are struggling at the loss of income made off the backs of vulnerable moms.

But instead of accepting the new “Florida way” . . . 

. . . the abortion lobby is still helping pregnant moms kill their babies.

And their methods are shocking.

An undercover phone call exposed the truth

In a bombshell undercover phone call that went viral, a woman called an abortion clinic asking for an abortion.

The caller said she was 12 weeks pregnant, and heard abortion was illegal in Florida but still wanted an abortion.

But instead of letting her know she was no longer able to have an abortion – the abortion provider told her exactly what to do.

While the abortion worker did admit the law banned abortion after six weeks – she took things a step further.

Pro-Lifer Mark Harrington posted the shocking call to his YouTube page to expose the horrifying details. 

“We have made a connection with an abortion provider outside of the state of Florida and so we have financial assistance and transportation and lodging and all of that to get you there,” the abortion worker told the caller.

“So what we would do if you want to have an abortion- you would come into our center, we would do an ultrasound and lab here so that we would know exactly how many weeks are the pregnancy and have some basic lab values,” the worker continued.


Performing an ultrasound on a woman to actually see a live baby just to end its life is truly barbaric.

But that’s how the abortion lobby works.

“Just because you cannot have an abortion hear at Presidential Women’s Center doesn’t mean we are abandoning you,” the worker added.

Stooping to a new low

Abortion workers are so desperate to keep killing babies they are even willing to perform ultrasounds in Florida . . . 

. . . and then help fund and ship women out of state to complete the killing.

It’s truly dark.

As the battle for life rages on, one can expect the abortion lobby to continue to find new ways for women to end the lives of their precious baby.

To listen to the bombshell recording and hear the devious plans of the abortion industry, check out the YouTube video below.  

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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