A Christian group just exposed the Abortion Lobby’s phony narrative about the Arkansas ballot initiative

The Abortion Lobby is going all-out to get an initiative legalizing abortion-on-demand placed on the ballot in Arkansas this fall.

July 5 is the deadline for the Abortion Lobby to collect the number of signatures required by Arkansas law.

But a Christian group just exposed the Abortion Lobby’s phony narrative about the Arkansas ballot initiative.

Joe Biden’s campaign is a nightmarish disaster for Democrats.

Biden’s Presidency has been one failure after another, and last week’s debate exposed his senility to the American people.

With zero accomplishments to run on, Democrats are doing everything they can to turn the election into a referendum on abortion.

Part of this strategy includes placing an initiative legalizing abortion-on-demand on as many state ballots as possible this fall.

Since the Dobbs decision in 2022, all seven states that have had abortion questions on the ballot — California, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, and Vermont — have passed.

Five states will currently have abortion-on-demand initiatives on the November ballot and signature drives are underway in Arizona, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, and Arkansas.

But the deadline to collect the 91,000 signatures needed to place the initiative on the Arkansas ballot is coming up on Friday, July 5.

“Proponents of an amendment to allow abortion in many cases must gather nearly 91,000 signatures by July 5 for it to get it on the Nov. 5 ballot,” ABC reported. “The measure would bar laws banning abortion in the first 20 weeks of gestation and allow abortion later in pregnancy in cases of rape, incest, threats to the woman’s health or life, or if the fetus would be unlikely to survive birth.”

The group Arkansans for Limited Government is leading the efforts in the state to collect the required 91,000 signatures.

“The time to do the abortion amendment is now,” Arkansans for Limited Government Communications Director Gennie Diaz said. “We don’t want to wait any longer because people need health care access in the state right now.”

“We are within striking distance,” Diaz added. “The next 10 days for us is all about getting these petitions and packets from our volunteers all across the state.”

The group has nearly 150 volunteers across 60 counties in Arkansas.

“We’re down to the wire here to get our minimum,” volunteer Field Coordinator Katie Rhodes said. “And so, we’ve qualified Pulaski County, but we’d like to run up the numbers higher here to make sure we get on the ballot, and I think that this is the most important thing right now.”

But Pro-Life groups are pushing back and informing Arkansas voters about the truth behind the abortion push.

The Arkansas Family Council ripped the ballot initiative and blew the lid on the Abortion Lobby’s phony narrative.

“We are urging people to decline to sign the petition for this extreme abortion amendment,” they wrote in a statement. “It does away with Arkansas’ common sense abortion laws like requiring abortions to be performed by a doctor in a clinic.” 

The group went on to point out how “in many instances, it would make abortion legal for the entire nine months of pregnancy all the way until the moment of birth.” 

“This amendment is far more extreme than Roe v. Wade,” they wrote. “It is the most extreme abortion law ever proposed in the history of Arkansas.”

Friday is the deadline to collect the required number of signatures needed to place the abortion initiative on the ballot.

And only time will tell whether or not voters will decide on abortion in Arkansas this fall.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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