A Christmas miracle – premature baby born at 14 ounces finally gets to go home

Photo by Seif Eddin Khayat from Unsplash

Baby Evie was born at 23 weeks old weighing only 14 ounces.

Her parents were terrified she wouldn’t make it.

This heartwarming story of a Christmas miracle is sure to bring tears to your eyes. 

Her entire life spent in the NICU

Born at only 23-weeks old and weighing less than a pound, Evie was in a fragile and vulnerable state.

Her underdeveloped lungs and fragile immune system required her to spend time in the NICU – where she remained for nine months.

Those nine months were hard on Evie’s parents – as they were terrified their little girl might not make it – but they refused to give up hope.

Evie’s father Dylan said “It all happened so fast. It’s kind of like a dream a bit. Or a nightmare. A nightmare,” Live Action News reported. 

One can’t imagine the sleepless nights her parents endured as they lived each day never knowing if their little girl would make it.

But she did. 

A Christmas miracle

Having spent nine months in the hospital, Evie’s parents received the news they had been waiting for.

Finally, just in time for Christmas, the doctor released Evie.

Baby Evie was finally allowed to go home and be with her family.

No more hospital beds and beeping machines – Evie was finally free. 

With tears of joy and gratitude, Evie’s parents were overwhelmed with emotion as they prepared to take home their sweet daughter after what seemed like a never-ending hospital stay. 

Dylan said “For the timing to line up with Christmas, it’s like, symbolic, almost like, yeah, she is our gift,” reported Live Action News

A true Christmas miracle! 

While the road ahead is still unknown – Evie has a chance at life. 

Another life saved 

There are countless stories of babies just like Evie who are born prematurely and end up going on to live healthy lives.

Of course, the abortion industry tries to bury these Pro-Life stories knowing it “harms” their narrative.

They lie to women and tell them babies born early “will likely die” and “not make it”.

Many scared pregnant moms often choose abortion out of fear – not because they want to.

If they knew premature babies would have a chance at life – it’s unlikely they’d agree to kill their own baby. 

The truth is, medical technology has given doctors tools needed to intervene and save the lives of babies.   

A premature delivery is not a death sentence.

As more families share their Pro-Life miracle stories – women will begin to know the truth.

There is always a reason to choose life, and abortion is never medically necessary. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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