A dangerous pregnancy complication caused doctors to intervene – and the end result will surprise you

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

30-year-old Rita Dharaviya went into preterm labor with life-threatening complications.

But doctors didn’t abort her baby that day . . . 

. . . instead they intervened and the end result will surprise you. 

A dangerous pregnancy complication

Rita was seven months pregnant and in extreme pain so she visited the emergency room for help.

It was there she learned the terrifying news – her baby’s umbilical cord was protruding through her cervix and she was suffering from preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM).

If doctors didn’t act swiftly – the baby would lose oxygen and die.

In situations like this, the abortion lobby would insist an abortion is the only possible solution to “save the life” of the mother (completely disregarding the life of the baby).

Thankfully, doctors knew this wasn’t true – and they took a different path.

Mom and baby are saved

Doctors understood Rita’s situation was dire and they needed to act swiftly.

The baby’s heartbeat was low, and they needed an immediate delivery to save the baby’s life.

Dr. Rajashri said “The fetal heart rate was 100 as compared to the normal heart rate of 140,” Live Action News reported.

Dr. Rajashri continued “Her labor pains began, accompanied by amniotic fluid leakage and protrusion of the umbilical cord. The patient had umbilical cord prolapse, a rare complication where the cord descends into the vagina before the baby. This can lead to compression and reduced oxygen supply to the baby. Immediate delivery is crucial to prevent potential issues such as brain damage or death.”

Notice Dr. Rajashri said immediate delivery – not abortion.

Doctors should have the first priority in mind of saving lives – not harming them.

Dr Rajashri added “Within a few minutes, the mother was transferred from the emergency department to the operation theatre for delivery to address this complication,” Live Action News reported. 

A healthy baby was delivered within less than 20 minutes – and the mother is doing just fine. 

Abortion is never medically necessary 

The abortion lobby uses life-threatening pregnancy complications as an excuse to justify aborting a baby.

But as Rita’s story proves yet again – abortion is never medically necessary to save the life of a mother.

Intervention during the pregnancy is sometimes needed – and possibly even early delivery.

With medical technology doctors are able to act swiftly and intervene to save both a mother and her baby.

Pro-aborts use the “life of a mother” as a platform to justify abortion – while failing to mention examples of Pro-Life victories like Rita’s story. 

But as more babies are saved through medical interventions and early deliveries, the abortion lobby’s narrative will finally be silenced with the truth. 

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