A federal court just shot down The Satanic Temple’s desperate attempt to sacrifice more babies


Satanists are furious at Pro-Life laws interfering with their demonic agenda.

So they banned together to file a lawsuit claiming they had the “religious right” to sacrifice babies.

But a federal court just shot down their ridiculous lawsuit and the abortion lobby is furious.

Satanists claim Pro-Life laws interfere with their “abortion rituals”

Leave it to forces of evil to try and claim a religious exemption in killing unborn babies.

The Satanic Temple (TST) is known for their disgusting anti-Christian displays, which mock God and the sacred faith so many Americans hold dear.

They promote satanic rituals while claiming they “don’t believe in Satan or God” – yet they feel their group is entitled to certain “rights” under the banner of religious freedom.

When Texas passed life-saving Pro-Life laws – TST was furious and claimed these laws stopped them from performing their “abortion rituals.”

Their lawsuit claimed sacrificing babies is protected – and argued they will work “tirelessly” to protect their members “religious rights” to engage in TST’s abortion “rituals.”

TST insisted their members have a right to “a religious accommodation” so their members can sacrifice babies under the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act and claimed the Texas Constitution guarantees their free exercise of “religious practices,” which “include abortion.”

Sacrificing babies is not a “religious right”

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas threw out the ridiculous petition and wouldn’t even entertain it.

Arielle Del Turco, Director at Family Research Council’s Center for Religious Liberty, told The Washington Stand “The Satanic Temple considers it a victory when they can undermine sincerely held religious beliefs by pretending their legal complaints based on ‘religious freedom’ are legitimate and deserve the same consideration given to religions like Christianity.”

Turco continued “It’s good to see that the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas rejected The Satanic Temple’s lawsuit. People know this is a stunt, and we shouldn’t get caught up in their game,” reported The Washington Stand

The satanic temple isn’t going away

Sadly, TST and its grotesque rituals aren’t going away any time soon.

They are determined to partner with the abortion lobby to help women get abortions, and their methods are downright horrific.

They’ve done everything from raffle off free abortions as a part of their “Religious Reproductive Rights campaign,” which seeks to convince the government that abortion is a “religious ritual” to even filing lawsuits in court.

One lawsuit claims that forcing a woman to get an ultrasound is a “medically unnecessary” program, which interferes with “TST’s abortion ritual, a ceremonial affirmation of self-worth and bodily autonomy that integrates the abortive process.”

The fact that the abortion lobby has allies like The Satanic Temple on their side shows just how demonic their anti-life agenda really is.

Pro-Lifers must continue to spread the message of life and use light to combat the darkness. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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