A former NFL superstar said four words about abortion that left jaws on the floor

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These days most athletes have bowed down to the left-wing elites.

This is especially true on the issue of abortion.

But a former NFL superstar said four words about abortion that left jaws on the floor.

Black History Month has drawn to a close, and former NFL player and author Ben Watson acknowledged its end by highlighting what he believes is the greatest injustice in black history.

“Abortion is NOT healthcare”

Watson says that great injustice still continues each year in the hundreds of thousands of black babies aborted.

Writing an opinion piece for Newsweek, the pro football Hall of Famer Watson wrote:

“As Black History Month comes to a close, I see no more glaring and deadly sign of the compounding trauma, injustice, and inequity of black history than the hundreds of thousands of black preborn children whose lives are terminated by abortion each year. If we’re going to remember this tragedy—as we must—we must also determine how we got here.”

Watson, who’s pro football career spanned 16 years, is currently the Vice President of Strategic Relationships for Human Coalition, a national Pro-Life organization.

And he observes the “jaw-dropping figures” that make up the disproportionate number of black children killed by abortions.

“Black women are nearly four times as likely to have an abortion as their white counterparts,” he notes.

“Recent studies have found that for every 100 live births, nearly 12 white babies will be aborted, while nearly 43 black babies will die by abortion for every 100 live births.”

Watson also said the message abortion “is not health care” and that “our social ills are not the result of pathology” must not be reduced to the status of mere “talking points.”

No excuse for the large number of black abortions

Watson did add that a “deeper” look into the “host of evils” that allows abortion to continue in the black community must accompany these statistics.

He also took a swipe at Planned Parenthood’s targeting of the black community.

Of course, most Pro-Life activists know Planned Parenthood was founded by noted racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger who wanted to use the organization to “purify” the human race.

And that “purification” included the destruction of what Sanger, and her ilk, called the “lesser races,” including blacks.

Watson also said high unemployment rates and levels of poverty for blacks and the fact that black children “are around three times more likely than white children to live in poverty” are among those “evils.”

But, Watson stressed, “None of these disparities absolve anyone of their responsibility when making a decision about whether to pursue an abortion. But they do raise a question: how can we address the circumstances that drive women to choose abortion?”

Support for Watson widespread

Support for Watson’s tweets were widespread and included other NFL royalty.

Retired Super Bowl winning NFL coach and Pro-Life activist Tony Dungy tweeted his appreciation of Watson’s op-ed.

“Thank you for posting this @BenjaminSWatson I hope people will read this article as you have taken an honest look at the entire issue. But the bottom line is undeniable – black children are being killed in America at an alarming rate and we need to be part of the solution!”

If only other black leaders would realize just how the scourge of abortion has done more to harm them than anything in recent history.

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