A GOP strategy document from this state urges the party to sell out the pro-life movement

Democrats remain laser-focused on their pro-abortion-on-demand messaging.

But the Republican elites and consultant class are doing all they can to try and appease the pro-abortion lobby.

And now a GOP strategy document from this state urges the party to completely sell out the pro-life movement.

Republican legislators in Arizona are considering supporting alternative ballot measures to compete with a proposed constitutional amendment that would expand abortion rights in the state.

Selling out babies in the false hopes of winning votes

The plan was laid out in a PowerPoint presentation obtained by NBC News.

And it comes in the face of a huge pro-life victory from a state Supreme Court ruling upholding a near-total abortion ban.

The proposed GOP strategy document includes one slide titled: “PHASE 2: SEND VOTERS TWO OTHER OPTIONS THAT CONFLICT WITH AAA INITIATIVE.” 

This refers to the Arizona for Abortion Access ballot measure, which would enshrine abortion rights into the state’s constitution.

The ballot measure would allow abortion all the way through fetal viability as well as vastly expand the number of exceptions for abortions.

The GOP document outlines a plan to give the voters alternatives to the Arizona for Abortion Access ballot measure, but the alternatives are not pro-life.

Instead, the options mentioned include other constitutional amendments like the “15-week Reproductive Care and Abortion Act and Heartbeat Protection Act.” 

“Could scale back 15-week law to 14-week law,” the presentation reads. “In reality, a 14-week law disguised as a 15-week law because it would only allow abortion until the beginning of the 15th week,” it goes on. 

The authors of the document seemingly don’t understand, or don’t care, that such a “ban” would only affect roughly 4%-6% of all abortions, thus do very little to save babies.

Republicans poised to repeal pro-life legislation

But the Republican sell-out on the life issue gets even worse.

The Legislature is scheduled to reconvene even as pressure mounts from Republicans like Senate candidate Kari Lake to repeal Arizona’s 1864 abortion ban.

State House Speaker Ben Toma said in a statement about the presentation: “The document presents ideas drafted for internal discussion and consideration within the caucus. I’ve publicly stated that we are looking at options to address this subject, and this is simply part of that.”

Arizona Republicans seem ready to take the pro-abortion tactics of people like Congresswomen Nancy Mace (R-SC 1) and Jen Kiggans (R-VA 2) despite the political damage it will cause the GOP.

These efforts to try and appease the pro-abortion industry will gain them zero votes but will cost them pro-life voters who will stay home this November – or vote third party.

Democrats understand their radical pro-abortion base and are marching lockstep on the issue.

For the first time in American history, you have an entire party basing their entire campaign on promoting mass killing.

And you now have another party willing to “compromise” on the issue of life in order to try and curry favor with pro-abortion voters.

Unless the GOP stands strong on life, they will wind up facing a disastrous November.

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