A hilarious new video mocks leftists having meltdowns after Roe v. Wade was overturned. But the woke mob isn’t laughing

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The radical Left is furious about the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

They are losing their minds over the fact that fewer children are being killed each year.

And a hilarious new video mocks leftists having meltdowns after Roe v. Wade was overturned. But the woke mob isn’t laughing.

The Pro-Life organization Live Action has just released a funny video that brutally mocks the Left’s meltdown over the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade last year.

You can get pregnant just from having sex?

In the satirical video from the Pro-Life organization, men and women bemoan the “dark times” post-Roe.

One woman in the video claims with mock horror in her voice that with Roe “overturned, a woman can get pregnant just from having sex.”

She then exclaims, “I live in constant fear of a baby somehow finding its way into my uterus.” 

That is followed by a man saying he’s even considering the possibility of heading down the “dangerous” road of abstinence before marriage.

Another man then says that now, before women will sleep with him, they pose “dumb questions” like, “Do you love me?”, “What happens if I get pregnant?”, and even, “Do you have a job?”

“Why would I ever want to bring a child into a world like this? A world in which it’s illegal to kill children,” he says sadly.


Next, a pregnant woman looks into the camera, points at her swollen stomach and claims, “The overturning of Roe v. Wade did this to me.” 

The video created by Live Action, a Pro-Life activist group, also includes the hashtag “#ProChoiceLogic.”

Last year, after the High Court’s ruling in the Dobbs case, which overturned Roe v. Wade, Democrats declared the decision was a “dark day” for America.

Of course, the ruling merely returned to states the Constitutional authority to determine how to handle the issue of abortion and whether to ban the deadly procedure or not.

Since the court’s ruling 26 states have passed or started enforcing Pro-Life legislation to limit abortions.

“The Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each State from regulating or prohibiting abortion. Roe and Casey arrogated that authority. We now overrule those decisions and return that authority to the people and their elected representatives,” the High Court’s opinion states.

But the problem with #ProChoiceLogic is that they have none.

Even the mildest of restrictions on the legalized killing of babies is viewed by the radical pro-abortion activists as “ending abortion.”

While it is true that Americans who oppose the mass murder of children continue to fight for a day when abortion is eradicated, for the Left to claim that time is here is blatantly false.

In fact some states have even loosened abortion laws making abortion legal for any reason up to, and even after, birth.

Fighting for life and highlighting the Left’s hypocrisy

That’s why Pro-Life groups like Students for Life of America and Live Action are ramping up efforts to end abortion.

And it’s why Live Action has put out the video that both highlights and mocks the Left’s idiocy and hypocrisy.

While it’s funny and satirical, the video is also serious about the issue of life and the Left’s meltdown because they can’t kill as many babies as they used to.

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