A Judge just handed the Abortion Lobby a major victory in New York that changes everything

Republicans are defending a razor-thin majority in the U.S. House this fall.

A handful of Congressional races in New York could determine which Party controls the U.S. House when new members are sworn in at the Capitol in January.

And a Judge just handed the Abortion Lobby a major victory in New York that changes everything.

The race for the White House between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is currently dominating the political headlines.

But control of Congress is also on the line this fall.

Republicans are fighting to keep control of the House and Democrats are fighting to hang on to the Senate.

In the battle for control of the House, Republicans and Democrats are targeting several seats in upstate New York that went red during the 2022 Midterms.

In 2022, Democrats lost four seats in New York.

Overall, Republicans hold 10 of New York’s House seats and Democrats control 16.

But many of the seats could go either way.

“This state is often written off for the presidential elections, but the fact that we lost those four seats, we cannot ignore that there are several conservatives in this state and there are several Democrats who will vote Republican,” Associate Professor of History at Fordham University, Christina Greer, told ABC News.

Democrats are hoping the abortion issue will lead to a successful election for the Party in New York’s House races.

Last month, a State Supreme Court ruling removed the Equal Protection of Law Amendment from the November ballot.

The law prohibits discrimination based on “pregnancy outcomes” or “gender expression.” 

The Supreme Court removed the Amendment because Attorney General Letitia James did not submit the written opinion that is required under New York law.

But James vowed to appeal the ruling.

And on Tuesday, an appeals court handed down a ruling that placed the Amendment back on the November ballot.

“The court decision clears the way for a statewide referendum this fall on an amendment that has been praised by Democrats as a way to protect abortion rights, and assailed by Republicans for the protections it might offer to transgender people,” CBS reported. “Democrats in New York have hoped putting an issue related to abortion on the ballot might spur voter turnout.”

James praised the ruling.

“This is a huge victory in our efforts to protect access to abortion in New York and to protect many vulnerable communities from discrimination,” James said in a statement.

The state GOP promised to appeal the ruling to the highest court in New York.

“We continue to believe the legislature violated the Constitution when it adopted the proposal,” David Laska, a party spokesperson, said in an email Tuesday. “We will fight this proposal in the courts and, if necessary, at the ballot box.”

The abortion-on-demand Amendment still has a chance to be removed from the ballot before November.

But the chances are slim given it is New York.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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