A Midwest state’s GOP Governor just called a special session that could shake up the 2024 GOP Primaries

Matt Johnson, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Last year’s Supreme Court Dobbs decision changed the political landscape forever.

And states have become the new battlegrounds to save babies from the scourge of abortion.

Now this Midwest state’s GOP Governor just called a special session that could shake up the 2024 GOP Primaries.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds recently called a special legislative session that she said would be dedicated exclusively to enacting “Pro-Life legislation.”

Standing up for the rights of the preborn

Reynolds, a strong Pro-Life Republican, made the announcement just weeks after the Hawkeye state’s Supreme Court issued a split decision on a six-week abortion ban Reynolds put forth in 2018. 

The ruling allowed abortion to remain legal in the state until about the 20th week of pregnancy, flying in the face of other rulings around the nation.

But Reynolds is undeterred and said the special session will convene and she suggested she and the GOP-controlled Legislature were likely to pass even more Pro-Life legislation placing more restrictions on the abortion mill industry in the state.

“Iowans have elected representatives willing to stand up for the rights of the unborn and, in doing so, they have voted strongly in support of Pro-Life principles and against the arbitrary destruction of innocent, defenseless lives,” she said in her statement announcing the special session.

Reynolds also mentioned the state Supreme Court’s split decision in her statement, saying that “this lack of action disregards the will of Iowa voters and lawmakers who will not rest until the unborn are protected by law.”

“The most important human rights cause of our time”

And then, to make sure everyone understood where she was coming from Reynolds made a bold and straight forward statement.

“I believe the Pro-Life movement is the most important human rights cause of our time,” she said.

This is indeed an important statement from Reynolds since whatever Iowa does on the abortion issue in the special session is going to have a huge effect on national politics. 

Iowa will be the first state to hold Republican caucuses for the 2024 Presidential race.

And the GOP candidates are already crisscrossing the state campaigning and certain to be asked for their views on whatever Pro-Life legislation the special session proposes.

Depending on what the Legislature comes up with, it could prove challenging for some of the weaker GOP candidates, who have already struggled to stake out Pro-Life positions.

The simple fact is, whoever gets the GOP nomination, it will be someone the Pro-Life GOP activists at least perceive to be Pro-Life.

Candidates who refuse to talk about it, or stake out a pro-abortion position, will not make it out of the first couple states.

A deadly non-decision decision

The state Supreme Court’s 3-3 ruling last month actually meant the court simply failed to reach a majority in deciding whether to overturn a lower court decision blocking Reynolds’ effort to reinstate a 2018 six-week abortion ban.

That heartbeat bill banned abortions in the state at the sixth week of pregnancy or when, in some cases, a fetal heartbeat can first be heard via ultrasound. 

This non-decision left Pro-Life activists in the state ready to take the next step and fortunately in Reynolds they have a Governor ready to push good Pro-Life legislation.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.