A new law is causing college kids to commit an unthinkable act of violence

College kids are known to be impulsive . . . 

. . . especially if they are given the green light to do something.

And thanks to these local politicians, an unthinkable horror is taking place on college campuses all across the country. 

The green light to kill

The abortion lobby is working overtime to convince women killing their own babies is no big deal.

And local anti-life politicians are eager to use their power to expand abortion.

With pro-abortion politicians working with the abortion lobby, innocent babies continue to die.

And in California, just when it seemed like things couldn’t get any worse for the unborn – a new law went into effect requiring public universities to offer chemical abortions on campus.

Thanks to the new law, all college kids need to do is head over to their local student health center to pick up abortion drugs and kill their babies.

Instead of promoting life, California colleges and universities continue to cultivate a culture of death.

The deadly numbers

As expected, pregnant women are taking advantage of being able to get a chemical abortion on their local college campus. 

The California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls reported 203 chemical abortions on University of California campuses and 162 at California State campuses. 

Instead of making it difficult for women to kill their babies, these colleges and universities have made it simple for a pregnant college student to end the life of their precious unborn baby.

Unintended consequences 

While the abortion lobby lures in vulnerable college kids to pop abortion drugs . . . 

. . . no one is telling them about the physical risks they face.

Many women who have had chemical abortions report extreme pain and bleeding – and some report the trauma of seeing their unborn baby “come out of them”.

Director of California Right to Life, Mary Rose Short, warned about the dangers of the new deadly law.

In an email to The College Fix, Short wrote the law will essentially “pay for women to come from out of state for abortions in California, created an abortion corps in our health department, and removed all civil and criminal penalties for anyone assisting a mother in achieving the death of her unborn child at any gestation.”

And while California politicians have such a blatant disregard for life, other pro-abortion states are taking note and hoping to create the same blueprint.

Pregnant college girls are likely unmarried and tend to feel alone – and the last thing they need is the option to walk across the street and pop a pill to kill their baby.

But if pro-aborts have their way, they will continue to market their new abortion program hoping to deceive more women into killing their own flesh and blood. 

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