A priest in Wisconsin just dropped a truth bomb on voters ahead of a key election

Joe Ravi, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The Catholic Church has long been one of the greatest forces in the fight to protect the unborn. 

That’s why in recent years the Left has made attempts to infiltrate the church and water down Catholic doctrine. 

But a priest in Wisconsin just dropped a truth bomb on voters ahead of a key election.

A critical election

The election for State Supreme Court will likely determine the fate of Wisconsin’s abortion ban. 

With a nearly evenly divided Court, this election will determine the balance of power. 

Billionaire leftist George Soros is pouring money into the campaign of radical pro-abortion candidate Janet Protasiewicz.

Protasiewicz is openly campaigning as a judicial activist set on overturning Wisconsin’s pro-life law. 

Her opponent, Daniel Kelly, believes in the rule of law and that deciding the issue of abortion should be done in the legislature, not from the bench. 

A priest speaks up for the unborn

It has become increasingly rare these days for clergymen to speak up against the radical Left when it comes to politics. 

But Father Brian Dulli of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Cottage Grove just issued a bold statement in defense of life.

In a bulletin announcement, Father Dulli proclaimed “It’s a mortal sin to render aid to the cause of abortion. That aid includes voting.”

In this particular race, it is a near certainty that if Protasiewicz wins this election, that Wisconsin’s abortion ban will be struck down and countless unborn babies will lose their life as a result. 

With the future of Wisconsin’s abortion ban on the ballot, Father Dulli is making it clear where the church and the Catholic faithful should stand.

Father Dulli is promoting sound Catholic doctrine, which you don’t see enough of these days. 

Following his statements, Father Dulli has come under fire from the media and the radical Left. 

The militant atheist organization Freedom from Religion Foundation sent a letter to the IRS asking for his church to have its 501(c)3 tax exempt status revoked. 

Under the 501(c)3 rules, organizations are banned from directly advocating for or against candidates for public office. 

The Left has long weaponized 501(c)3 rules against churches in order to bully them into silence. 

For this reason, some churches have even forgone getting their tax-exempt status because they are prevented from speaking the truth according to the gospel by these unconstitutional rules. 

These rules are a clear violation of the First Amendment, and silence religious leaders for speaking their conscience. 

Of course, they are also selectively enforced. 

The Left is happy to look the other way when more liberal clergy members advocate for climate change legislation and open borders, but the moment a priest speaks up for the unborn, their tax exempt status gets attacked. 

Sadly these days it is a major risk for Clergymen to stand up for sound doctrine, especially when it comes to defending the unborn.

That’s just one reason Father Dulli should be commended for his courage. 

UPDATE: Pro-abortion leftist Janet Protasiewicz won the Wisconsin Supreme Court race in the most expensive state Supreme Court race in U.S. History.

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