A pro-abortion college group launched an unthinkable campaign to recruit this agent of death

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College students are known to back abortion – but on one college campus things took a twisted turn to a whole other level.

Not only do pro-abortion students at George Washington University want to push abortion . . .

. . . but they are recruiting agents of death to do the unthinkable.

Abortion “doulas”

Doulas are known to help pregnant moms navigate their pregnancy and birth with many even providing post-partum care.

Pregnant moms depend on their doulas to help them master breathing techniques for a peaceful birth – and appreciate their wisdom and emotional support all throughout the pregnancy. 

But the abortion lobby wants in on the action and has coined the term “abortion doula” which they state provides “practical, emotional, and physical support” to women having abortions.


And at George Washington University – so many college kids are getting abortions a coalition of pro-abortion groups actually launched an application to recruit and train “abortion doulas”. 

Recruiting agents of death

GW Reproductive Autonomy and Gender Equity (GW RAGE) launched the “Abortion Support Collective” program which promises to train students how to be abortion doulas.

President of GW RAGE Maddy Niziolek is proud of the program and claimed it’s “hard to access abortion” and said young people away from home have difficult challenges like “navigating insurance” when it comes to abortion, reported the GW Hatchet

As if “navigating insurance” is on the same level as making the decision to kill a baby.

Regardless, Niziolek claimed GW RAGE will fill in the gap with college students who need support during and after their abortions. 

Instead of walking alongside pregnant moms and helping them through their birthing journeys – these “abortion doulas” will actually provide “support” as women end the life of a beating heart.

Absolutely tragic.

Partnering with Planned Parenthood

The student group partnered with DC Doulas for Choice Collective who works closely with Planned Parenthood.

There’s no doubt Planned Parenthood is more than eager to work with college kids and use them to carry out their pro-abortion agenda.

DC Doulas for Choice Collective states on their website that they are “proud to provide doula support to people accessing abortion care at Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC and Falls Church Healthcare Center.”

Their website also states they aim to provide the “highest standard of support and care for people having abortions” including recognizing the vital importance of “trauma-informed” providers.

Of course, there is no mention of the trauma women undergo as their unborn baby is killed.

All the abortion industry cares about is killing unborn babies – they could care less what actually happens to women afterwards. 

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