A pro-abortion professor left Pro-Life students no choice but to do this despicable act

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America’s colleges and universities are breeding grounds of left-wing ideologies.

Free speech and freedom of association no longer apply on college campuses.

And now a pro-abortion professor left Pro-Life students no choice but to do this despicable act.

U.S. universities used to be respected as places for both higher learning and the free exchange of ideas and thought.

Cesspools of left-wing ideologies and censorship

No one is quite sure when the Left turned from supposed defenders of the First Amendment’s right to free speech to promoters of censorship and rigid conformity to Marxist ideology.

But the fact is today that is exactly what they are.

And nowhere is that more evident than on America’s college campuses.

In fact it has gotten so bad that some Professors now require students to donate to causes they abhor.

Pro-abortion professors can do a lot of sleazy and disgusting things to their publicly Pro-Life students. 

They often ridicule and embarrass Pro-Life and Christian students in front of the class.

Leftist professors have been known to give lower grades to students they know are Pro-Life and conservative.

And they even refuse to allow Pro-Life students to attend some classes.

Forced donations to Planned Parenthood

But at Michigan State University one professor took it to new lows.

Ex-professor Amy Wisner shockingly forced her class to donate to Planned Parenthood. 

Pro-Life students from her class have now sued the radical pro-abortion “educator.” 

In a recent interview with Fox News, Michigan State University Pro-Life student Nathan Barbieri revealed why he’s filed a lawsuit with fellow student Nolan Radomski against the former professor. 

According to his interview and the lawsuit, Wisner “compelled each of her 600 students to pay $99 for a membership, which collectively could have amounted to at most $59,400 for an entity called ‘The Rebellion Community.’”

The “Rebellion Community’s” website shows that it’s a “training program” – which one must pay in order to be a member of — and one of the only two “educators” listed is Wisner. 

Fox News reported a post on Wisner’s Facebook page said, “100% of membership fees are donated to Planned Parenthood.”  

While Michigan State claims they paid back all their membership fees, the lawsuit maintains that this isn’t enough. 

Take the money out of their blood soaked hands

Barbieri said, “I funded that. And until that money is brought back, until it is out of [the professor’s] hands, it’s still with Planned Parenthood, or it’s still going towards an unethical organization.”  

And Radomski said, “I shouldn’t have to pay for my professor’s political activism . . . This is a matter of free speech and I hope that the university changes its policy so that other students never have to pay expensive fees toward causes they don’t believe in.”

Mary Carmen Zakrajsek, Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) Great Lakes Regional Coordinator, agreed. 

She said, “This is the reason why we need Pro-Life students to be witnesses on campus – to prevent the pro-abortion narrative not just from being normalized but even funded by the students themselves from within the classroom. These two students are examples of what all students who oppose abortion violence should be doing – using their voice for good and demanding justice. We must call out radical professors who coerce their students to support their life-ending agenda. You have the right to defend the preborn’s rights, and it’s time universities respect that reality.”  

If more students will stand up and start fighting back, they will have to.  

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