A self-described “pro-choice” podcaster completely destroyed progressive’s pro-abortion stance with one simple question

The radical Left rarely has good arguments for any of their positions.

Most of the time they base them on “feelings,” instead of facts or science.

That’s how a self-described “pro-choice” podcaster completely destroyed a progressive’s pro-abortion stance with one simple question.

A progressive commentator had his pro-abortion argument completely torn to shreds when popular podcaster Tim Pool asked one question.

“Just kill the baby anyway”

The radical leftist creator of The Serfs TV appeared recently on Tim Pool’s popular conservative podcast, Timcast.

Lance, the creator of the socialist social media account, was completely confused while attempting to argue the pro-abortion side.

Pool, who is self-described “pro-choice from a traditional liberal position,” said a woman should have a choice up until a certain point if the unborn baby is viable. 

But then Pool said at that point the woman should deliver the baby through a C-section instead of receiving a late-term abortion.

“There seems to be this amoral argument where, ‘Just kill the baby anyway,’ which doesn’t make any logical sense – that’s the pro-abortion side,” Pool said. “I don’t see how that makes sense morally, ethically, or mathematically.”

“The Left is so fervent about legalizing the killing of babies at nine months,” Pool stated.

Lance then argued women should be able to have abortions even in the ninth month of pregnancy whether the unborn child is viable or not.

Political cartoonist Seamus Coughlin jumped into the discussion and asked Lance, “You believe that the moment after a child is outside of the birth canal that they are now endowed with human rights, however, when they are inside of the mother literally anything you do to them is acceptable because they are inside of the mother?”

The ultimate authority

Lance replied, “Oh no, I don’t think anything is acceptable, but I think the mother should still have the ultimate authority over what happens to her body.”

That’s when Pool set a trap for Lance.

He asked if an expectant mother should be allowed to do meth during her pregnancy.

Lance replied if a pregnant woman were doing meth while pregnant child protective services should intervene to prevent her from possibly killing the baby from drug use.

Pool fired back, “Oh, but it’s her body though.”

Lance responded, still not catching on to Pool’s trap, “Yeah, it’s her body.”

Pool then played devil’s advocate and asked, “If she wants to do meth, what’s the big deal?”

That’s when Lance shot down his own pro-abortion argument.

“The big deal is that she’s intentionally trying to kill a child,” Lance said, completely dismantling his own previous pro-abortion argument.

At that point Lance tried to change the subject by saying that methamphetamines are illegal.

When you have no facts, attack

Lance then began to simply argue that the Timcast podcast was a right-wing show.

Pool rebutted him and said he considers his show “centrist,” citing the AllSides media bias rating. 

He also noted that most of the Timcast audience are actually libertarians, but that there are also conservative and even liberal viewers.

Pool told Lance, “So here’s what I think, I think you’re in a cult.”

And a deadly one it is.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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