A shocking new law is geared to allow babies to be killed through birth and the details are horrifying

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The abortion lobby is using anti-life legislators to do their bidding – and it’s worse than ever.

And just when things couldn’t get any worse for the Pro-Life movement – radical anti-life activists did the unthinkable.

A shocking new law is geared to allow babies to be killed through birth and the details are horrifying. 

Legal abortion through birth 

The Maine House and Senate recently passed a bill expanding abortion.

And if the bill becomes law – it is so extreme – Maine would be the “least restrictive” abortion state in all of America.

Maine’s radical pro-abortion Governor Janet Mills supports abortion up until birth and doesn’t think it’s extreme to kill a baby claiming it could be “necessary” in certain situations.

And while Mills thinks the “judgment” of physicians is an acceptable reason to kill a baby, opponents of the anti-life legislation pointed out the dangerous language of this wicked bill.

Republican Sen. Eric Brakey said “We received a proposal that appears to legalize abortion up to the point of birth for any reason, provided a physician certifies it as necessary.” 

Of course, the bill fails to define what “necessary” even means.

The lie of “health of the mother” to justify abortion

Pro-abortion activists continue to claim abortion is needed if the “health of the mother” is in danger.

But nothing could be further from the truth. 

Abortion is never necessary in any situation.

With pregnancy complications, a pregnant mom may need to deliver early, or receive interventions – but it is never medically necessary to carry out an abortion. 

And with vague language like “health of the mother” – it’s completely subjective. 

Does “health of the mother” mean physical health?

Or does it mean “mental health” – as if having a baby is suddenly “too stressful” so a doctor would have the legal right to kill a baby moments before delivery. 

Several cold-blooded abortionists have admitted they’ve even killed babies for reasons as simple as a mom deciding she didn’t like the gender of her baby.

This is how far the anti-life crowd has gone in advocating for abortion – they don’t care why – they don’t care how – they just want it done. 

The radical new anti-life trend in the Democratic Party 

The Democrat Party used to include “Blue Dog Democrats” who were actually Pro-Life and would side with Republicans on Pro-Life legislation.

But not anymore.

Now, with President Joe Biden leading the charge, Democrats are as radical as ever – and they are openly anti-life.

As Pro-Life Press previously reported, leftists like US Senator Ben Cardin even admit his Party supports abortion up until birth.

The far-left policies of elected politicians are so extreme they don’t even represent the majority of Americans who blatantly reject such insanity.

But if Joe Biden gets his way, anti-life legislation like Maine has developed will sweep across the country.

It’s up to Pro-Lifers to stay the course and refuse to let pro-abortion activists execute their agenda to kill innocent babies.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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