A shocking ruling states silent prayer is now considered a crime

Photo by Olivia Snow from Unsplash

A radical “buffer zone” law forced Pro-Lifers to be silent when near abortion centers.

But Pro-Lifers were determined to stand for life – and fought back.

And now, a shocking ruling from a leftist judge sided with abortion activists – and warned Pro-Lifers that even silent prayer is now a “crime”. 

Praying for pregnant women “causes harm”

We’ve reached a new low in our world where praying – even silently is deemed illegal.

Pro-aborts don’t want Pro-Lifers interfering with their plan to slay more unborn babies, and they know the presence of Pro-Lifers often causes pregnant moms to choose life.

So they set up “buffer zones” around abortion clinics – banning Pro-Lifers from stepping foot within the “safety zone” and forbidding religious freedom like reading the Bible or praying.

Lord Justice Warby and Mrs. Justice Thornton ruled that Pro-Life activity “causes harm”.

“It is, in our judgment, naïve and simplistic to suggest that activities of this kind in this context cannot be considered ‘detrimental’… just because they are silent,” reported BBC News

They continued “The protest activities described in the evidence, including silent prayer and the handing out of leaflets, were… outside a clinic to which women were resorting at particularly sensitive and difficult moments in their lives.”

Protecting abortionists 

The judges claimed their ruling was designed to “protect the rights of women” getting abortions as well as the “clinic, their associates, and staff.”

But what about protecting unborn babies? 

Not to mention, allowing women to slaughter their unborn babies in haste is the furthest thing from “protecting women”.

If abortionists were so confident women would automatically choose abortion, then why are they worried about Pro-Lifers simply standing outside an abortion center?

It’s because abortionists know prayerful and peaceful Pro-Lifers often help women choose life.

Prayer saves lives 

Pro-Lifers were devastated upon learning leftist judges upheld the “Public Spaces Protection Order” creating a buffer zone around abortion clinics.

Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre Andrea Williams said “Peaceful witness near abortion centres are helpful to many women in crisis pregnancies, offering genuine choice by providing support.”

She continued “Whatever the guidance or law says, arresting peaceful pro-lifers in these zones clearly breaches their human rights. The measures brought in by Bournemouth Council are disturbing in that they prevent women from being given access to alternatives to abortion,” Live Action News reported.

While this latest attack on free speech happened in the UK – it’s already happening in America.

Leftist cities in the United States are already working around the clock to set up “buffer zones” to keep Pro-Lifers out.

And it’s only a matter of time before Pro-Lifers in the US face consequences, even arrest, simply for praying silently. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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