A “transgender abortion doula” launched a new campaign that will make you sick

It’s no secret the abortion lobby is in bed with LGBT activists.

But the latest disturbing collaboration is the most insane “partnership” yet.

And a “transgender abortion doula” launched a new campaign that will leave you sick to your stomach.

Hijacking “doulas” to cause death

Many pregnant women choose to have a doula assist them during their pregnancy and after.

Doulas lend a caring hand to support pregnant moms – and their babies.

But leave it to the radical Left to hijack the term “doula” and use it for evil.

Pro-abortion activists have created the term “abortion doula” which is a person who helps women kill their babies.


And the latest abortion “doula” is a pregnant woman who “identifies as a man” named “ASH Williams.”

Williams is determined to help women kill their babies.

The insanity of a “transgender abortion doula” 

Instead of acknowledging the pure insanity of the whole situation . . .

. . . Rolling Stone wrote a whole piece praising Williams in the fight to make abortion access easier.

Crediting Williams for “braveness” Rolling Stone wrote “Williams’ own experience at the intersection of Blackness, transness, and disability — navigating autism, PTSD, and mobility issues (he uses a cane) — while also having been pregnant puts him in a unique position to understand the hurdles that can arise while trying to get a simple medical procedure.”

“In his six years in the field, he says, some of the reproductive organizations he’s worked for have refused to acknowledge and respect identities outside of what’s considered traditional womanhood,” the article continued.

An unholy alliance of death

LGBT activists have found a way to infiltrate the abortion lobby.

Of course, pro-abortion vigilantes welcome the help – as they don’t care who helps kill babies – as long as they are slayed.

And as LGBT activists and the abortion lobby work together to promote their radical anti-life agenda – vulnerable women continue to suffer.

Not to mention, unborn babies are killed without mercy all with the support of “abortion doulas.”

If there was ever any doubt about the darkness of the abortion lobby – the fact they are willing to use “abortion doulas” to help convince women killing their babies is a good thing proves how evil they are to the core. 

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