A university President uttered shocking words about abortion that left jaws on the floor 

Lorie Shaull from St Paul, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Pro-aborts continue to lie to women about abortion, but they’ve really done it this time.

A recent interview with the University of California, Irvine President about abortion was downright horrifying. 

And once you hear the latest lies pro-aborts hope women will believe you’re bound to be outraged.

Michele Goodwin is President of the University of California, Irvine and had a few things to say about abortion.

While it’s typical for abortion advocates to boast about how “safe” abortion is, Goodwin took things to the extreme and claimed abortion was safer than giving birth.

Delusional and dangerous lies

Goodwin told MSNBC Dateline that women were “14 times more likely to die by carrying a pregnancy to term than by having an abortion.” 

Of course, she left out the statistics of botched abortions that damaged a woman’s uterus or caused permanent scarring forever banning her from being able to have children.

She conveniently ignored the abortions that have killed women – all to promote her narrative. 

Goodwin wasn’t finished with her rant and went on to claim the United States “is the most dangerous place in all of the industrialized world to be pregnant”.

Web of deceit

The abortion crowd is scared that more and more women are choosing life.

And as Pro-Life states continue to pass legislation banning abortion, pro-aborts are scrambling to come up with new talking points to push abortion. 

Instead of encouraging pregnant women that prenatal care in the United States is exceptional and pointing them to resources that will actually help them – Goodwin hopes these moms will simply kill their babies because being pregnant is “dangerous.”

No – what’s dangerous is lying to women and making them think if they carry their baby to term they are going to die.

Recycled talking points 

And of course, Goodwin’s defense of abortion wouldn’t be complete without exploiting women who have gotten pregnant through rape or incest.

Goodwin went on to use children in her example telling MSNBC that when lawmakers pass life-saving bills banning exceptions in cases of rape or incest they are “committing children essentially to a potential death sentence.”

The hypocrisy is stunning.

Every time a woman hops on an abortion table or pops a couple of abortion pills it guarantees the baby inside of her will die.

Regardless of how a baby was conceived, every baby deserves an equal chance at life and the right to be born.

Yet somehow educators and politicians think they get to play God and decide who lives and who dies. 

As the battle for life continues to heat up, pro-aborts like Goodwin will continue lying to women about abortion.

They may try to scare pregnant moms, which is why Pro-Lifers who know the truth must continue to shatter the lies of desperation funneling out of the mouth of pro-aborts like Goodwin.

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