A wild pro-abortion Governor is using taxpayer dollars to fund a dangerous cause

Leftist politicians love spending taxpayer dollars to fund their latest pet project.

But the latest abuse of power from an out-of-control liberal politician stooped to a new low, even for the Left. 

And just wait until you hear about the wild pro-abortion Governor using taxpayer dollars to fund a dangerous cause.

The hunt to silence abortion dissent 

Crisis pregnancy centers help save the lives of countless unborn babies.

While abortion giants like Planned Parenthood only point women in the direction of killing their own flesh and blood . . . 

. . . crisis pregnancy centers give pregnant moms hope that they can have their baby and make it.

Whether it’s providing ultrasounds so a mom can actually see the beating heart of their baby – or providing prenatal care to moms without resources – crisis pregnancy centers are truly doing the Lord’s work.

And the Left hates them.

They cannot stand that there are people and places that exist to help stop their abortion momentum.

If leftists like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris get their way – crisis pregnancy centers will cease to exist.

And in some leftist states, left-wing politicians are using their power to eradicate crisis pregnancy centers for good.

Taxpayer-funded lies

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey announced her administration was launching a first-in-the-nation “education campaign” to warn people about the “dangers” of crisis pregnancy centers.

As if helping pregnant moms save their babies is somehow “dangerous.”

The only dangers pregnant moms face is walking into an abortion slaughterhouse like Planned Parenthood where employees treat them like a number, not a person.

But the Left doesn’t want to talk about abuses at abortion providers.

Instead, they simply want to bash those who are shining like a light in the darkness fighting back against the abortion lobby’s extreme obsession with silencing Pro-Lifers. 

Healey’s insane pro-abortion campaign has a website warning pregnant moms to avoid crisis pregnancy centers, which she renamed “anti-abortion centers.”

Reiterating her commitment to help women kill their babies, Healey proclaimed, “In Massachusetts, we are committed to protecting and expanding access to safe and legal abortion.”

She continued, “That includes protecting patients from the deceptive and dangerous tactics that anti-abortion centers often use to stop people from accessing comprehensive reproductive services.”

You see, in Healey’s world – having abortion legal isn’t enough.

She won’t be satisfied until crisis pregnancy centers are closed, so women stop choosing life.

And to add further insult to injury, she is proud to use taxpayer dollars to fund her radical cause.

A true misinformation campaign

Whenever conservatives tell the truth about the Left’s radical agenda – they are called “conspiracy theorists” and accused of spreading “misinformation.”

Of course, the Left simply wants to silence any dissent.

They don’t really want equality and tolerance – they want total domination and blind submission.

Healey’s website has a warning for women on how to “spot” crisis pregnancy centers, telling women if they visit a crisis pregnancy center that the workers may “attempt to delay care” and put one’s health “at risk.”

True insanity! 

Her anti-life rampage continued lying to women by claiming crisis pregnancy centers “mislead” women about how far they are in their pregnancy, while accusing them of only offering free ultrasounds to “get women in the door.”

The fearmongering lies laced throughout Healey’s website are not only dishonest, but they are harmful.

A pregnant mom should not feel afraid to walk into a crisis pregnancy center.

But she should fear walking into Planned Parenthood, where employees will do everything possible to convince a pregnant mom to kill her baby. 

Shame on Governor Healey wasting taxpayer dollars to fund her anti-life crusade. 

One can only hope her lies will be exposed before more women get hurt. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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