A woman popped an abortion pill, but nothing prepared her for what happened next

Many women take abortion drugs thinking it will be quick and painless.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

And when this woman popped an abortion pill, nothing prepared her for what happened next.  

Abortion pills and miscarriages 

Lizzie was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage.

Doctors gave her abortion drugs to get her deceased baby out of her body – but never prepared her for what to expect. 

So, when Lizzie read a post on X from Planned Parenthood boasting about the availability of abortion drugs, she knew she had to say something so women knew the truth.

“I was prescribed this, not for an abortion but for an evacuation of my sadly deceased baby (one of my miscarriages) let me tell you how it went,” Lizzie posted.

She continued “I had no idea what I was in for, it wasn’t explained to me… I went home with the prescription and took it … I didn’t realize how bad it would hurt and how scary it would be. (It basically puts you into LABOR, literally) I continued to bleed uncontrollably for days and ended up losing consciousness in the bathroom due to blood loss.”

“Thank God my husband got me into the car and drove me the 45 min it takes to get to the emergency room where he said I was I was barely conscious, vomiting and unable to breathe properly, among other things I will not mention,” said Lizzie.

Abortion pills almost killed her

As Lizzie shared her story, she continued to speak about the horrifying side effects of the supposed “quick and easy” abortion drug.

“They wheeled me swiftly into the emergency room and discovered that my placenta had gotten stuck (from what the Dr. told me this was something she had seen quite frequently with this medication) and that’s why my body would have continued to bleed … until I was unalive had I not been taken to the hospital,” said Lizzie.

She continued “So on top of that trauma of seeing what I saw, I was literally dying from this medication. When my husband took me home and I saw the passenger seat where he put me to go to the hospital, I was shocked I was alive as it looked like scene of a homicide, and had it been for an abortion, not a miscarriage, it would have been.”

A warning to all women

Planned Parenthood hopes stories like Lizzie’s will forever stay buried.

After all, if women knew how dangerous abortion drugs actually were – they would stay far away.

Even worse, young girls are taking these drugs without their parents even knowing.

Lizzie shared her story publicly hoping to silence the narrative for good that Planned Parenthood actually cares about women. 

“They send young girls home with this medication without the consent of their parents. Young girls are scared to be in trouble and may not have the courage to tell their parents something is wrong. In fact a 16 year old just died after being prescribed this for her ‘private, simple, chemical abortion.’ I hate planned parenthood, they don’t care about anything but their money,” Lizzie concluded.

Shame on Planned Parenthood and any other doctor who pushes these deadly drugs.

They are lying to women everywhere and putting vulnerable pregnant moms in needless danger, simply to line their pockets with cash. 

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