Abortion “doula” promotes a culture of death with her outrageous advice

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While doulas are known to help pregnant moms – the abortion industry has created their own warped version.

Abortion “doulas” claim to provide “moral support” to women killing their babies, and even accompany them to the abortion mills.

And once you hear the outrageous advice of one abortion “doula” you are bound to be steaming mad.

Throw women an “abortion shower” complete with gifts

Baby showers are a practical way to help new moms get all the things they need before they give birth.

Families and friends shower pregnant moms with love, celebrating the joy of the baby about to make an appearance into the world.

And after a woman gives birth, there are typically meal trains and postpartum support to help moms adjust to this new season of life. 

But one abortion “doula” thinks women who get abortions should also be celebrated and showered with gifts, just as new moms are.

Abortion “doula” kills her own baby then boasts about the gifts she received

TIME Magazine tells the story of an abortion “doula” named Hannah.

Hannah had just given birth and found out she was pregnant again, but claimed her “finances” and health couldn’t “bear another pregnancy” so soon – so she popped pills to kill her baby.

Apparently, her network dropped off gifts in the days leading to her taking the pills and after.

Hannah compared the sequence of gifts and visits to the same support she received after giving birth to her first baby. 

“Before and after I took the pills that would end my pregnancy, friends and neighbors dropped off big pots of soup, home-baked brownies and ice cream, a small stuffed rabbit for the infant resting in my lap,” Hannah said gleefully. 

“When I ended up needing an aspiration procedure, flowers and care packages and bottles of wine arrived, as if by magic. The days and weeks following my abortion were reminiscent of the days and weeks that had followed my son’s birth, when a constellation of community members had rallied for a postpartum mother and her family,” Hannah continued. 

The delusional reality of abortion activists

How could a mother hold an actual baby in her lap . . .

. . . and receive gifts for the other baby she just killed and think this is normal?!

A mother shouldn’t be “celebrated” and “showered with gifts” for choosing to callously end the life of her baby. 

But this is how the abortion industry operates.

Many abortionists are mothers or fathers themselves – but see nothing wrong with helping a woman end the life of her baby.

Hannah was so “touched” by the way people celebrated her abortion, she thinks every woman who gets an abortion should also get a haul of gifts delivered to their door or whatever support they need.

“We are paying for each other’s abortions, or crowdfunding, or connecting each other to the funds. We’re giving each other rides to the clinic or hospital or airport. We’re babysitting each other’s kids. We’re covering for each other at school and work and helping each other stay safe from parents, partners, police,” said Hannah proudly.

She continued “We’re brewing pots of tea, and braiding each other’s hair, and holding each other’s hands. We’re running to get the heating pad, the Tylenol, the anti-nausea medications. And–as humans often do in our lifelong quest for pleasure, love, belonging, and dopamine–we’re exchanging gifts.”


True love doesn’t include murdering babies

How about instead of helping women kill their babies . . .

. . . this “network” actually helps women keep their babies – like offering babysitting for the baby after they are born, or showing up in the postpartum days so women don’t feel alone.

Many vulnerable and scared pregnant moms would choose life if they felt there were actually people to walk alongside them during their pregnancy. 

But according to Hannah, abortion is a “powerful act of love–for one’s self and one’s own future” and “for one’s existing children and family” and even “for the pregnancy being released,” reported TIME Magazine.

In reality, an “act of love” is a mother choosing to selflessly carry her baby and enduring the excruciating pain of childbirth in order to bring new life into the world.

Abortion “doulas” may have their “gift showers” . . . 

. . . but all the flowers and pots of soup in the world won’t cover up the stench of death or the silent screams of the unborn. 

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