Abortion-giant Planned Parenthood revealed their shocking new “transgender” agenda

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Planned Parenthood wants to slaughter unborn babies with taxpayer funds, but there’s more to their dark agenda.

They are now leaders in driving the LGBT agenda in America and things are looking worse than ever.

And once you read about the details of Planned Parenthood’s latest “transgender” agenda you’re bound to be horrified. 

Hormone injections for all 

Every woman who walks through the doors of Planned Parenthood is in danger.

Not only are Planned Parenthood employees eager to rip an unborn baby from its mother’s womb – but they do it with pleasure.

Post-abort women are left with emotional scars that last a lifetime . . . 

. . . and often with mutilated bodies so they can no longer have children. 

But it’s not enough for Planned Parenthood to make money by killing innocent babies.

Their greedy executives want even more money flowing through their doors and now they’ve jumped on the “transgender” bandwagon hoping to push hormone pills and injections to gender-confused Americans.

According to Live Action News, it’s estimated Planned Parenthood had roughly 26 of their deadly centers offering hormone injections for “transgender” folks.

But by 2019 – that number increased by 669 percent and jumped up to 200 centers, reported Live Action News.

The number continues to increase as Planned Parenthood hopes those with gender dysphoria will throw money at them to take pills or life-altering hormone injections to “change genders.”

A deal with the devil

Studies show people who struggle with gender dysphoria and make life-altering decisions to “change genders” often come to regret it.

But by then – it’s too late.

Women who took hormone drugs or had a double mastectomy are grieved they no longer can conceive or breastfeed their babies.

Men who’ve undergone hormone treatment face other consequences as their God-given bodies are now ruined.

Of course, Planned Parenthood is nowhere to be found once people snap out of their gender dysphoria.

These people who turned to Planned Parenthood for “help” in their “transition” are kicked to the curb and left to die.

Many of them end up becoming so depressed they commit suicide.

But when organizations like Planned Parenthood make a deal with the devil – death is a likely outcome.

Abortion and hormone drugs are inseparable for Planned Parenthood 

As Pro-Lifers continue to score legislative victories all around the country – Planned Parenthood execs are in a frantic scramble to stay open.

LGBT activists fear they won’t be able to continue to push their hormone drugs onto children without Planned Parenthood being the executor to carry out their agenda. 

Bhavik Kumar is the medical director of primary and trans care (whatever that even means) at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and he told NPR about the “crisis” for the “transgender” community now that abortion clinics are closing.

Kumar told NPR “With trans care, this is not a drill.” She continued, “As much as people are concerned about abortion care and access to abortion – which is very important – we should also be concerned about trans people and preserving their humanity and dignity.”

Human dignity is preserving the bodies of individuals the way God made them – not lying to them and telling them they can destroy their bodies to live out their “true identity.”

But according to Kumar, over 35,000 people went to Planned Parenthood in 2021 looking for “gender-affirming hormone replacement therapy.” 

Let’s hope we’ll see more Pro-Life victories across the country so we can kill two birds with one stone and shut down abortion giants with a “transgender” agenda like Planned Parenthood for good. 

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