Abortion is on the ballot and Ohio’s Governor warns about the deadly consequences

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The Pro-Life state of Ohio is the crown jewel of the abortion lobby.

Special interest groups continue to flood blood money into Ohio hoping to ram through their extreme abortion ballot amendment.

And the language of the amendment is so severe, Ohio’s own Governor Mike DeWine is sounding the alarm warning Ohioans of the deadly consequences.

Governor DeWine’s desperate plea

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine admits he’s never run an ad speaking out on a ballot issue before.

But the abortion language for Issue 1 is so extreme – DeWine felt it was his duty as Governor to warn Ohioans about the deadly consequences should it pass.

So, Governor DeWine and his wife Fran released a short 30-second ad warning about the extreme dangers of this deadly amendment.

“Fran and I have never done an ad before for a statewide issue or even a local issue but we both feel very strongly about this and I think whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life the constitutional amendment that we will be voting on in a couple of weeks just goes way, way too far,” Governor DeWine told Fox News Digital.

“Issue 1 would allow an abortion at any time during a pregnancy,” said Fran DeWine.

“And it would deny parents the right to be involved when their daughter is making the most important decision of her life,” Fran continued.

“I know Ohioans are divided on the issue of abortion, but whether you’re Pro-Life or pro-choice, Issue 1 is just not right for Ohio,” Governor DeWine pleaded.

“Issue 1 just goes too far,” Fran added.

The lies of the abortion lobby

Of course, the abortion lobby doesn’t market the fact a baby could be killed up until birth.

They market Issue 1 as “reproductive freedom” for Ohio women.

But Governor DeWine warned if Issue 1 passes – Ohio’s previous laws protecting life would cease to exist.

“It would allow abortion at any point in the pregnancy. It would negate Ohio’s law that we’ve had on the books for many, many years that prohibits partial birth abortion,” said DeWine.

Abortionists are throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars to help pass Issue 1 – knowing their abortion business will face a massive boom . . .

. . . and hoping if the once-conservative Pro-Life state of Ohio can be flipped – any state is fair game.

Ohioans have a chance to stop it

Despite the abortion lobby’s desperate attempt to make Ohio one of the most pro-abortion states in the county – Ohio voters have a chance to stop it.

By voting no on Issue 1 – Ohioans can stop the radical anti-life agenda from destroying the Buckeye State forever.

Pro-Lifers around the country must sound the alarm on what’s happening in Ohio and understand if the abortion lobby succeeds in Ohio – they can succeed anywhere.

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