Abortion vendors were furious when this group exposed their use at taxpayer-funded facilities

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Joe Biden is doing everything in his power to try and kill more babies.

Now he is attempting to skirt the law to use taxpayer money to increase the slaughter.

And abortion vendors were furious when this group exposed their use at taxpayer-funded facilities.

A new report in the Washington Examiner points out that architecture scholars were recently awarded funds to support pro-abortion projects.

Federal lands no place for abortion vendors

Among the items funded are projects to circumvent state Pro-Life laws by developing specialized transport for abortion.

ArchiteXX is a “gender equity” organization that says they “will inspire a new generation of design professionals to see themselves as” agents of change.

One way the group plans to do this is through its “spatializing reproductive justice” exhibit set to run from January 2024 to January 2026.

“Addressing a post-Roe v. Wade landscape, this traveling exhibition explores the spatial, legal, and social logistics of reproductive healthcare access within hostile political contexts,” the description of the exhibit says. 

The exhibit further “presents analysis of reproductive healthcare networks as well as architectural strategies for countering threats to bodily autonomy.” 

One of those designs is reminiscent of Hitler’s trains for transporting Jews.

But in this case the train cars are the death camps.

Perhaps best described as rolling death cars, the plan would turn Indian trains into mobile abortion facilities.

The idea to turn these trains into mobile abortion mills came from Ridhi Chopra, an architecture graduate student at Columbia University. 

She wants to take a good idea, using trains to provide real medical care to poor people in India, and instead turn them into mobile death camps for the pre-born.

Making killing babies “easier”

Chopra wants to “reimagine this existing public transport infrastructure and repurpose it to provide better access to care.” 

The “care” she speaks of is abortion-on-demand.

And Chopra’s proposal is just one example of what the architecture group wants to do.

The group will also highlight the work of another Columbia architecture graduate student Chi Chi Wakabayashi. 

Like Chopra, Wakabayashi wants to make it easier for people to have abortions in “comfort.”

Wakabayashi created a “proposal for a clinic offering temporary housing and social support services to provide comfort for those traveling to access care.” 

And there is yet another project to help “ease” the killing, this time by circumventing state laws banning or restricting abortion on demand.

Mobile abortion mills on federal land

The final project comes from the City College of New York, where three students proposed a way to get around the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling that allowed states to restrict abortion.

They designed a mobile abortion facility to go on federal land in states where abortion has been made illegal, or had restrictions placed on deadly procedures. 

This goes hand in fist with one of the ideas the Biden administration proposed shortly after the Supreme Court’s ruling.

These architects see their work in architecture and their radical left-wing political ideology as inseparable. 

A quote from one of the scholar-activists perfectly sums up the ideology of people who would take a neutral craft such as architecture and turn it into a way to increase the killing of innocent life, “More architects need to recognize that architecture is political.”

These pro-abortion zealots sound just like the architects of Hitler’s Third Reich and the developers of the death camps.

Fighting back against murder on federal land 

Students for Life Action responded to this report by saying federal lands are no place for abortion vendors.

In the days after the reversal of Roe v. Wade, SFLAction led nearly 40 organizations in a coalition effort to prevent the misuse of federal property for abortion vendor operations. 

Now they are back in the forefront of the fight again.

In a statement Kristan Hawkins, SFLA’s President said, “We want to make it clear that we are not going to support establishing abortion infrastructure on taxpayer-funded property in states that have rejected the inhumane destruction of preborn life. Uncle Sam should not be in the abortion business.”

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