Abortionist with a violent record ran over multiple Pro-Lifers with his car – and finally justice is coming

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A violent abortionist wanted Pro-Lifers away from his facility . . .

. . . so he decided to run them over with his car.

And while he’s yet to face time for his crime – the public outcry has drawn attention to the latest incident – and now justice is finally coming.

The abortionist who ran over Pro-Lifers

Pro-Lifer Mark Zimmerman regularly prays outside an abortion center in Saginaw, Michigan.

But during a typical peaceful day of prayer, Zimmerman suffered a brutal attack when abortionist Theodore Roummel ran him over with his car – not once – but twice!

Despite the witnesses on the scene, the police didn’t charge Roummel.

Unphased, Roummel didn’t even check on Zimmerman – who ended up suffering from a fractured tibia and had to get a rod with screws and pins in his leg.

Instead, Roummel continued aborting babies that day like nothing happened.

A track record of violence

As it turns out, Roummel has a history of assaulting Pro-Lifers.

In 2012, he ran over Pro-Life Michigan Director Lynn Mills, reported LifeSiteNews. 

While he was arrested that time – he only received six months of probation. 

Apparently, the probation didn’t help – since he is still running over Pro-Lifers like Zimmerman. 

Can you imagine the backlash if Pro-Lifers decided to suddenly turn violent and start running over pro-abortion activists?

There would be riots in the street.

Yet an abortionist has run over peaceful Pro-Lifers, multiple times, and the abortion lobby is silent. 

Justice is coming – finally 

While police decided not to arrest Roummel the day he ran over Zimmerman – MLive reports a felony warrant has now been issued for his arrest.

It’s about time. 

Although the assault took place in June, it took over a month for the police to act.

Finally, on July 21, a felony warrant was issued for the abortionist for one count of assault with a dangerous weapon.

Zimmerman’s attorney, Robert Dunn, claimed Zimmerman was outside the abortion facility in a peaceful manner, doing the same thing he’s always done.

Dunn said “He was there to try to engage pregnant women on their way into the clinic to see if they’re open to waiting and perhaps seeking assistance and counseling and, basically, not going through with the abortion procedure they have scheduled,” MLive reported.

“He’s been doing it for a long time,” Dunn continued. 

But of course, violent abortionists know each time a woman chooses life, it’s less money for the abortion industry. 

The last thing they want is women choosing to keep their babies – and it’s clear the violent attacks continue to increase in hopes to silence Pro-Lifers.

But Pro-Lifers won’t be silenced – let’s just hope justice rains down on Roummel so he can never hurt another woman – or baby – ever again.

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