Abortionists are dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars of blood money into Ohio and the reason why may shock you

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The abortion lobby is determined to ram through the pro-abortion constitutional amendment on the Ohio ballot.

And to make it happen – they are flooding Ohio with blood money from the most pro-abortion people in America.

Abortionists are dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars of blood money into Ohio and the reason why may shock you.

It’s more than just Ohio

While the abortion lobby hopes Ohio will vote to codify abortion into their state constitution- winning Ohio is about more than just capturing Ohio.

The abortion lobby knows by flipping a conservative Pro-Life state like Ohio into an extreme pro-abortion state that will allow abortion on demand – that other states will follow suit.

Ohio has always been the crown jewel of the abortion movement, so in order to guarantee “success” – wealthy abortionists who made their fortune through slaying unborn babies are now dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into The Buckeye State.

Partial-birth abortionist throws $100,000 at Ohio

Martin Haskell is credited for inventing the partial-birth abortion procedure, and he’s so determined to expand abortion in Ohio, he donated $100,000 to the Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights PAC . . .

. . . one of the major groups pushing to pass the pro-abortion amendment.

Protect Women Ohio Press Secretary Amy Natoce called out Haskell’s true motive.

Natoce said “No Ohioan wants to bring that type of extremism and tragedy to our state,” reported The Washington Examiner.

She continued “Haskell gave $100,000 to the campaign supporting Issue One because he knows it is an investment in his late-term abortion practice.”

Blood money will continue to flow

As the election heats up, abortion supporters will continue to fund pro-abortion PACS like Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights.

Many of the donors are “doctors” themselves – knowing if the abortion amendment passes, their own abortion business will see a boom.

These physicians have no moral conscience, and are more than willing to help contribute to the guarantee slaughter of unborn babies if it means lining their own pockets.

Now more than ever Pro-Lifers must continue to stand vigilant and sound the alarm on what is happening in Ohio.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost already sounded the alarm and wrote a legal analysis warning Ohioans about the extreme nature of this constitutional amendment.

Although Ohio already passed the Heartbeat Act – Yost warned if Issue 1 passes – there would be no more Heartbeat Act.

“Some of Ohio’s laws may be defensible, but the Heartbeat Act would not exist if Issue 1 passes,” Yost warned.

And if the pro-abortion amendment passes, and Ohio becomes the next abortion safe haven, the national consequences will be deadly.

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