Abortionists were furious when their secret actions were exposed to the public

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The abortion lobby thrives on secrecy – but now they’ve been exposed.

A cold-hearted abortionist wrote a memoir hoping to spin abortion into a “positive thing” – but it backfired bigtime. 

And now abortionists are furious that their secrets and ruthless tactics have gone public. 

The “rosy picture” of abortion is over

Abortionists love telling stories of how abortions can “save lives” and they often boast about all the women they are “helping.”

They portray abortion as a “peaceful” and “powerful” event for a woman . . . 

. . . as if a mother killing her own baby is somehow empowering.

But abortionists only want their version of the abortion story told – hoping all the “bad cases” will be buried for good.

The abortion lobby knows if women really knew what happened behind closed doors at an abortion facility, they’d never step foot inside. 

But in a shocking turn of events – one abortionist memoir revealed tales from the abortion table – and they are worse than anyone could have imagined.

Abortionist admitted she was furious a woman chose life

Abortionist Christine Henneberg’s disturbing memoir mentioned a pregnant mom who came to the hospital not sure if she wanted an abortion.

After an ultrasound, and seeing her baby – the woman became excited and decided not to go through with the abortion.

Henneberg admitted she was “horrified” the woman didn’t kill her baby and wrote “I wanted to shake her by the shoulders and say, ‘You do realize, this is not just about how you feel this moment, today. This is about your body, a 40-week pregnancy, and then the rest of your life. A third child. How will you cope? How will you afford it? Think about this.’”

The only “horrifying” thing is an abortionist angry that a woman chose life.

Secretly aborting a healthy baby

One pregnant mom wanted a girl, but thought she was carrying a boy – so she decided to get an abortion.

As if that isn’t tragic enough – Henneberg knew the baby was a girl – yet still killed the baby anyway, never even letting the mother know the truth!

And then Henneberg wrote about killing the baby with pleasure and said “On the ultrasound screen . . . I watched her fetus tumble under the tip of the cannula, somersaulting with every flick of my wrist, then disappearing from the cushioned warmth of her sacrum and whipping through my hands—gone.”

Ecstatic over crushing a baby’s skull

Just when you thought Henneberg’s stories couldn’t possibly get any worse – she admitted in her deranged memoir that she finds pleasure in killing babies.

Henneberg said she was being trained by another abortionist named Rebecca, who taught her multiple ways to kill a baby. 

And when Henneberg crushed an innocent baby’s skull for the first time she wrote “On the next procedure, I grasped the calvarium on the first try. I felt like I was flying, soaring under Rebecca’s strong and beautiful wing,” she said, adding, “I’d found the thing I was good at, even gifted at.”

These stories reveal the cold-blooded and heartless actions of abortionists and their true motive.

They enjoy their “profession” and even take “joy” in killing babies.

Unless Pro-Lifers elect new leadership to put a stop to this grotesque practice – things will only get worse.

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