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Pro-Life Press was founded by principled conservative political veterans with over eight decades of combined experience working on Capitol Hill and campaigns for the U.S. House, Senate, and even President of the United States. The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has sent a shockwave through the American political landscape. Since then, the Abortion Lobby and their pals in the pro-abortion media have doubled down on their propaganda. If you believe the polls released by major firms, you would think a majority of Americans support abortion-on-demand. But they’re not telling the full story. When survey respondents are told what abortion really is, and when human life begins, they strongly oppose abortion. Not only that, but polling of millennials (the largest voting bloc in the nation) has shown only seven percent support taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand through all nine months. That’s why the pro-abortion Left is doing everything in their power to silence pro-lifers and stop Americans from hearing the truth that abortion ends a human life. Radical protesters have stormed churches, protested outside the private residences of Supreme Court justices and other elected officials, and targeted pro-life organizations for violence. And in today’s hyper-charged political environment, it may only get worse. Pro-Life Press unapologetically believes that:

  • Life begins at conception;
  • All live is precious – no matter the circumstance of conception;
  • The pro-abortion press’ propaganda must be debunked;
  • The records of pro-abortion politicians no matter their party must be exposed; and
  • Good people must never back down in the face of persecution.

Pro-Life Press covers cultural battlegrounds as well as state and national pro-life politics.

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