After a TWO year battle this NJ university finally allows a pro-life student group on its campus

Photo by Jordan Encarnacao from Unsplash

Pro-life groups are meeting opposition across the board.

Especially in the wake of the reversal of Roe v. Wade, censorship and unjust treatment are rampant against those who defend life.

But this week saw a triumphant victory for one pro-life group on a college campus that has been a long time coming.

In a well-deserved win for the pro-life movement, a Students for Life chapter at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) has finally gained official recognition after a grueling two-year battle and three unjust denials by the student government.

The victory, heralded as a win for free speech and the sanctity of life, comes after relentless efforts by dedicated students and legal intervention.

Despite facing persistent rejections and delays, the Students for Life chapter at NJIT persevered, undeterred by the obstacles thrown their way.

The group’s mission is rooted in the belief that abortion constitutes the literal slaughter of the innocent, a stance they felt was underrepresented on their campus.

Jonathan Kreinberg, an NJIT alumnus and a key advocate for the pro-life cause, spearheaded the effort to establish the club, driven by a deep conviction that those who defend the sanctity of life should not be silenced.

The club’s primary goal is to serve the NJIT community, focusing on supporting pregnant and parenting mothers on campus.

Their initiatives include creating essential services for these individuals and ensuring students have access to specialized service organizations, such as abortion pill reversal hotlines and abortion regret services.

Additionally, the club aims to provide informational resources and host events that uphold their pro-life values while fostering open, civil discussions with individuals who may hold different perspectives.

The journey to official recognition was marked by challenges, with the Student Senate denying their application multiple times.

Undeterred, the Students for Life chapter fought back.

Their corporate office sent a powerful legal letter to NJIT, emphasizing that the continued rejection was not just a violation of their free speech rights but also a suppression of their viewpoint.

The letter pointed out that NJIT had impermissibly violated the First Amendment by failing to maintain clear policies, resulting in the suppression of free speech and assembly.

In response to the legal intervention, NJIT’s counsel assured the pro-life group that they would be given an opportunity to present their organization at the Student Senate meeting.

A re-vote was scheduled, with strict instructions that the decision must be based on the defined criteria set forth in the student organization recognition process.

This commitment to a fair and just review paved the way for the Students for Life chapter’s long-awaited recognition.

This victory at NJIT represents more than just a club gaining official status; it signifies a monumental win for the pro-life movement, free speech, and the unwavering dedication of passionate individuals.

The Students for Life chapter’s resilience and determination have set a powerful precedent, reaffirming the importance of upholding diverse viewpoints on college campuses.

As the pro-life community celebrates this significant achievement, it also serves as a reminder that the fight for the sanctity of life is far from over.

The Students for Life chapter at NJIT stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring pro-life advocates nationwide to continue their efforts in championing the cause and defending the rights of the unborn.

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