Alabama lawmakers prepare to battle after Biden administration uses abortion to make key military decision

Fibonacci Blue from Minnesota, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden is using every dirty trick in the book to promote the mass murder of the pre-born.

But some Pro-Life Members of Congress are fighting back.

And now Alabama lawmakers are prepared to battle after the Biden administration uses abortion to make key military decisions.

Alabama’s Congressional delegation is furious after President Biden made the decision to cancel the relocation of U.S. Space Command headquarters from Colorado to the Yellowhammer state.

The fight is far from over

And Alabama legislators are ready to take the fight directly to the Biden administration and are saying this battle is far from over. 

Congressman Mike Rogers (R-AL) the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, has launched an investigation into the motives behind the decision.

This was after he publicly alleged Biden’s decision to nix the Space Command’s move to Alabama was purely political.

Lawmakers have also accused the Biden administration of improperly building up the temporary Colorado Springs Space Command headquarters before deciding to scuttle the move to Huntsville, Alabama. 

“It is clear the Biden administration cares more about advancing their far-left agenda than the security of our nation,” Congressman Jerry Carl (R-AL) wrote on Twitter. “We will not give up this fight because Space Command belongs in Huntsville.”

And should they find improper Biden actions, Congress is still working on the annual defense bill and could technically defund programs or even block the bill if Space Command is not moved to Huntsville as originally planned. 

Radical pro-abortion politics at play 

The Biden administration is officially claiming they made the decision due to “military readiness,” saying that relocating the headquarters would take years, possibly up to the mid-2030s. 

In fact, Brigadier General Pat Ryder tried to claim at a news conference that “politics played no role in this decision.”

“A decision had to be made,” he said. “Recommendations were provided and the president made a decision, and that decision came down to operational readiness.”

But Alabama lawmakers and most political observers are convinced the reversal was actually made months ago and that radical pro-abortion politics is the reason.  

In May, NBC News was already reporting Biden would not relocate the headquarters because of Alabama’s strong Pro-Life law.

And the impressive efforts of Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) to end Biden’s illegal taxpayer funding of military abortions has upset the Biden administration even more. 

Tuberville is holding up more than 200 general and flag officer promotions to protest the new Defense Department policy that provides paid leave and reimburses travel costs for service members who cross state lines for an abortion. 

An ongoing investigation

Chairman Rogers opened his investigation into the delay of the relocation back in May, shortly after the first NBC News report. 

The Biden DoD has so far refused to cooperate, but Rogers is now seeking to force the administration to turn over the information he is requesting.

In a letter to Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall and Space Command Gen. James Dickinson, Rogers told them he has requested documents related to the relocation five times, all of which have gone unanswered.

“This is unacceptable,” Rogers wrote. “Your refusal to abide by the committee’s repeated requests for responsive documents and transcribed interviews can only be considered obfuscation and purposeful delay, highlighted by the fact that the basing decision was decided while the committee’s requests are outstanding.”

Rogers is threatening a subpoena if they don’t comply with his demand. 

He said the Biden administration clearly has “something to hide” by not providing them.

Former President Trump reestablished Space Command in 2019, and its headquarters was temporarily located at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. 

After an exhaustive process, Trump selected Huntsville, because of its history of developing major space rockets, to be the permanent location of Space Command.

At the core of the Alabama delegation’s claims of foul play from Biden are government reviews ordered by his administration that found Huntsville was selected through a fair process.

Last year a U.S. Government Accountability Office report said Trump met with military leaders, and his decision was largely consistent with military recommendations. 

And a Pentagon Inspector General evaluation also confirmed the location was selected through the proper process.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.