Alaska students brave frigid temperatures and use this unusual item to spread the pro-life message

Photo by Yunsik Noh from Unsplash

The sidewalks have long been a battleground for the fight for life. 

But a group of students from Alaska are giving this new meaning. 

Alaska students brave frigid temperatures and use this unusual item to spread the pro-life message.

In an inspiring display of passion and determination, Alaska’s young pro-life advocates armed themselves with colorful chalk and adorned the public sidewalks surrounding the Anchorage Planned Parenthood abortion clinic with powerful messages, championing the sanctity of life and encouraging women to choose love over abortion.

On October 20, a group of Anchorage students transformed the otherwise mundane sidewalks into vibrant canvases of hope as part of the ongoing 40-Days for Life campaign. 

Their mission? To affirm the lives of the unborn and provide encouragement to women facing difficult decisions.

The sidewalks outside Alaska’s busiest abortion center were adorned with striking messages such as:

“Women need love, not abortion.”

“Everyone deserves a chance.”

“We can love both.”

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

The pro-life “Chalk Day” initiative, orchestrated by nearly two dozen children and their adult allies, aimed to bring attention to the ongoing 40-Days for Life campaign, which has reached hundreds of cities across the globe. 

The young folks, armed with their colorful chalks, spent nearly an hour crafting these loving and affirmative pro-life messages along the entire length of the Planned Parenthood premises.

Mary Kemper, the local organizer of 40-Days for Life in Anchorage, expressed the profound impact of this creative endeavor. 

Kemper highlighted that these vibrant messages, despite being created in just an hour, endure on the sidewalks, leaving an indelible mark until they are deliberately removed or weathered away.

According to Kemper, the youth’s efforts extend beyond mere artistic expression; they symbolize solidarity with mothers and fathers facing challenging decisions. 

Kemper passionately urged pro-life Alaskans to dedicate their time to the cause, emphasizing the sacrifices made by those who stand against abortion. 

“Ours are definitely sacrifices – we are all busy, and it’s cold outside, and we rarely get to enjoy the fruit of our sacrifices,” she expressed in an email to supporters. 

“But the mothers who are tempted to abort their babies and then choose life, along with the fathers who support them, make a sacrifice that most of us cannot comprehend. Let us stand up for those women and for the babies they carry. Let us pray and work for life!”

This heartwarming initiative showcases the strength of the pro-life movement, especially among the younger generation. 

By using creativity, empathy, and determination, these Alaskan youths are leaving a lasting impact, reinforcing the importance of life and love in the face of adversity. 

Their colorful messages serve as a beacon of hope and a testament to the unyielding commitment of pro-life advocates in the fight for the unborn.

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