Americans rush to help save the lives of two twin boys after their medical insurance denied care

One family’s worst nightmare became a brutal reality. 

As two loving parents fought with their medical insurance to save the lives of their twins – they were horrified to learn they were denied.

But now, Americans and complete strangers are rushing in to help save the lives of these two twin babies.

Two twin boys with a life-threatening condition

A Missouri family is in the fight of their lives to save their precious twin babies.

Doctors informed the family the babies had a disease called “spinal muscular atrophy” which affects nerves and muscles and worsens with time.

Even more horrific, without treatment, the life expectancy of those with the disease is less than two years.

Naturally, the parents jumped into action, determined to do whatever it took to save their sweet sons.

A medical insurance nightmare

The parents learned there is a gene therapy treatment that can treat spinal muscular atrophy – but it can cost up to $2.5 million per baby, KMBC reported.

While their medical insurance covered the drug, the grieved parents found out just one day after giving birth to their children, their insurance no longer covered the treatment. 

One would think surely insurance would allow the babies to receive gene therapy to save their lives.

After all, there is no price on saving the life of a child.

But despite their best attempts and multiple appeals – the family was denied coverage.

Speaking to KMBC, the twins’ mother explained the urgency her family faced.

“Time is of the essence with this. It is very crucial that since they don’t have symptoms as of right now. It’s best for them to receive this treatment now because once symptoms start, it’s irreversible,” the worried mom told KMBC.

Americans rush to save the day

The story of this family’s fight to save their babies has gone viral and garnered national attention.

Hearts were touched at the tenacity these parents had to fight for their precious twin babies. 

A GoFundMe page was started to help raise money for the family, and donations continued to pour in, totaling over $401,397.

Donations have since been paused.

While insurance still refuses to cover the treatment – other people stepped in to help.

In a pure miracle, the family now has the $4 million needed to cover this life-saving gene therapy to give their babies a chance at life.

KMBC reported officials said the funds came from a $1.9 million anonymous donation and another $1.5 million gift from Mosaic Life Care.


With the money raised, the parents are relieved, but there is still a fear of the unknown.

The boys have yet to start treatment – but it’s crucial they do so right away because once symptoms of the disease start to show, it will be too late.

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