An abortion worker told a shocking lie to a vulnerable pregnant mom that will make your head spin

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Abortion workers are so focused on slaying unborn babies – they’ll do and say anything to get a woman to kill her child.

But this time the abortion lobby hit a despicable new low, even for them.

And when a vulnerable pregnant mom called an abortion provider for guidance, she was told a shocking lie that will make your head spin.

Lying to a struggling single mom

Victoria was a single mom with two young girls who worked multiple jobs just to survive.

She entered into a new relationship and became pregnant again.

Excited to start her life with her new partner – she was grieved to learn once she was pregnant, he no longer wanted a life together with her – and even encouraged her to kill their unborn baby.

Victoria’s boyfriend discouraged her from having the baby by planting a seed of doubt in her mind telling her she could “barely take care of the two little girls” she had.

A terrified Victoria called an abortion facility for help, but things only got worse.

Pressuring Victoria to abort her baby

A sobbing Victoria spoke with an abortion facility worker named Helen who proceeded to lie to this scared pregnant mom.

As Victoria confided in Helen about the trauma she endured, Helen simply replied “Honey, you’d be really selfish as a mother to bring another mouth to feed when you can barely take care of the two you have. So you know what the best choice for you is. And we can take care of it right away,” reported Live Action.

Discouraged, Victoria felt she had no other choice, so she made the abortion appointment.

Apologizing to her unborn baby

On the way to the abortion facility, Victoria was sobbing as she placed her hand on her stomach begging her unborn baby to forgive her.

But yet again, Helen continued to coerce Victoria to move forward with her abortion and said, “Do you think our government would allow this to be legal if it could harm you in any way?” 


As if the government actually cares about the trauma women endure as they kill their babies.

The truth is, Biden’s anti-life government thugs are the ones setting up women to believe they have no other choice but to abort their babies.

They target crisis pregnancy centers and lock up Pro-Lifers who dare try to intervene and let women know they can always choose life.

Destroyed by her abortion

But of course, Helen was wrong.

Victoria did abort her baby that day, and she has never been the same since.

It took over 10 years of abortion counseling and trauma work to begin to heal – and now she wants to warn others not to make the same mistake.

“I will never forget the mistake of abortion,” Victoria said.

She added, “But today, I make sure and tell anyone who will listen about the truth, about what an abortion is. It not only destroys the unborn, but it destroys that unborn child’s parents as well.”

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