An undercover video just caught this so-called pro-life Republican admitting that he supports abortion-on-demand

It happens far too often.

A Republican candidate claims to be 100% pro-life on the campaign trail and then turns around and votes for abortion once safely in office.

But an undercover video just caught this so-called pro-life Republican admitting that he supports abortion-on-demand.

RINO Utah Senator Mitt Romney is finally retiring from office at the end of this year.

Even though he calls himself a Republican, Mitt Romney spent his entire career supporting left-wing policies like abortion-on-demand, gay marriage, and gun control.

Romney’s retirement gives conservatives a chance to replace him with a principled Senator who can be trusted to fight for the right to life.

Former Utah House Speaker Brad Wilson, convention winner Trent Staggs, businessman Jason Walton, and GOP Congressman John Curtis are all running for the seat in the upcoming June 25 Republican Primary.

Congressman John Curtis is currently the frontrunner in the race.

On his website, Curtis describes himself as “A pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, fiscal conservative who is committed to cutting Biden’s reckless spending.”

But an undercover video from 2022 just surfaced and exposed John Curtis as a pro-life fraud who only switched parties for political gain.

In the undercover video, Curtis Field Director Daniel Stephens admitted that the Congressman is pro-abortion but can’t say it publicly because “he won’t win.”

“People think we’re a RINO and people think we’re an establishment conservative,” Stephens says in the video.

“So, how does he [John Curtis] make people think that?” the undercover reporter asked.

“He stays quiet,” a chuckling Stephens said. 

Stephens then admits that “I don’t usually share this with people.”

The video was recorded by a member of James O’Keefe’s investigative team when he ran Project Veritas in 2022.

The staffer also admitted that the only reason Curtis left the Democrat Party was because “he thought that it was ineffective to be a Democrat in Utah Valley or Utah County.”

Since it was before Roe was overturned, he discussed Utah’s trigger law, which he called “restrictive” and “egregious.” 

As for Curtis, the staffer admitted that “he does not like the trigger laws.”

This undercover video shows how many Republicans truly feel about the abortion issue.

And it’s a great example of why pro-life Americans must stay vigilant and hold every politician’s feet to the fire.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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