Another surrendered baby is alive and well thanks to this life-saving campaign

Many moms choose abortion because they don’t see another alternative.

But one Pro-Life campaign is saving lives – one baby at a time.

And yet again, another surrendered baby is alive and well thanks to the courageous actions of one pregnant mom and the heroes that saved a precious life.

Safe Haven boxes are proven to work

Thanks to Safe Haven laws, parents are allowed to anonymously surrender their babies without fear of prosecution.

Moms can take their baby to locations that contain these temperature-controlled boxes such as a police or fire department – where the boxes are staffed 24 hours a day.

When a baby is surrendered and placed inside the box, and alarm sounds so those on duty can immediately attend to the baby and ensure the baby is checked out by a medical team.

And in New Mexico, another baby was saved which proves yet again Safe Haven boxes work.

Babies in New Mexico can be surrendered up to 90 days thanks to Republican State Senator David Gallegos who sponsored legislation to allow the baby boxes.

“The thing that really excites me is that we know that the safe haven box works. It’s been proven. We know that we have the need,” Gallegos told Live Action News.

He continued “The next piece is educating the public, and we’re trying to get into the public schools to be able to do that because it needs to be a first thought, not a last thought. But it’s really incredible that we’ve had the opportunity to see that it works.”

An abortion alternative

Many moms choose abortion because they think it’s their “only way out”.

Other moms tragically give birth but then throw their newborn babies in a trash can or on the side of the road.

But Safe Haven boxes provide a safe alternative for these moms – as they know they can still choose life and ensure their precious baby will be cared for and adopted into a good home.

Many moms have even drove across state lines to place their baby in a Safe Haven box.

Pro-abortion activists hate Safe Haven boxes

Of course, pro-abortion activists reject Safe Haven boxes – and still claim women should not be “forced” to give birth.

Instead of providing life-saving alternatives to pregnant moms, they exploit vulnerable moms and tell them abortion is their only option.

But as word gets out about life saving alternatives like Safe Haven boxes – hopefully more moms will know there are countless ways to choose life.

Megan Mooney, a spokesperson for the City of Hobbs in New Mexico said “This baby box is a huge benefit to all at-risk mothers. Sometimes, they are lacking support from family from community, whatever it may be, and we want them to have a safe place for their child to be cared for if they feel that they are not able to do so.”

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