Anti-life activists are crying tears of “devastation” after what happened to this abortion mill

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

There is a Pro-Life tsunami sweeping across our nation.

And thanks to new Pro-Life restrictions, another abortion slaughterhouse was forced to close their doors for good.

Amongst the cheers of victory from Pro-Lifers, anti-life activists are having a full-blown meltdown and crying tears of “devastation.”

This abortion facility “gave up” fighting against Pro-Lifers

In a massive Pro-Life victory, Whole Women’s Health gave up fighting to combat new Pro-Life laws in Indiana.

Last year, Indiana passed sweeping legislation to ban most abortions and strip abortion centers of their license.

And while the ban is currently on hold as the Indiana Supreme Court determines what to do, Whole Women’s Health claims it’s too difficult to navigate looming Pro-Life laws – so they gave up.

“We are devastated to mark the end of our physical presence in South Bend,” said Whole Woman’s Health Alliance President Amy Hagstrom Miller.

Miller continued “This journey started over seven years ago when we were asked to come fill the need for abortion care in the community,” the Indiana Capital Chronicle reported. 

The layers of Pro-Life restrictions make it “impossible” for abortionists to thrive

Abortion workers and advocates lamented at the difficulty of being able to kill babies thanks to Pro-Lifers.

Whole Woman’s Health spokesperson Jared Lathrop said the “onerous restrictions” on abortion clinic buildings “are designed to make providing abortion care difficult and costly for the provider, with no health benefit to women,” the Indiana Capital Chronicle added.

As if abortion ever has a “health benefit” to women.

Lathrop continued listing off all the “inconveniences” the hoops the clinic has to jump through in order to slaughter babies.  

“Things like physical plant regulations, doctor-only laws, the 18-hour waiting period, the admitting privileges requirements, the hostile environment for our doctors to practice in, and the uncertainty of Indiana’s abortion ban – all of these layers make it impossible for us to keep our clinic open,” Lathrop said.

Well good!

It should be difficult to keep an abortion provider open.

While pro-abortion activists love ushering women in through their doors to kill their babies – perhaps making it “too difficult” will cause other abortion providers to pack up their bags and give up too. 

More shutdowns are coming

Leftist judges may temporarily halt some Pro-Life laws from being fully implemented – but they can’t do it forever.

The tsunami of Pro-Life legislation that has and will continue to be introduced across the country will accelerate until every baby is safe.

While Roe v. Wade was a good start to end abortion, the battle for life is heating up in the states.

The abortion industry is in a full-blown panic at the thought of losing money and not being able to kill babies.

Now more than ever Pro-Lifers must continue to keep the pressure on and not let up – no matter what. 

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