Anti-life judge delivered a devastating blow to Iowa’s Heartbeat Act

Quince Media, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Iowa passed a bill banning abortion after a detectable heartbeat.

Pro-Lifers cheered in victory as Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed the bill into law.

But now a judge issued an injunction striking a devastating blow to the Heartbeat Act, guaranteeing more babies will die.

Planned Parenthood won their legal challenge – at least for now

The Heartbeat Act was voted on during a special session and signed into law – scoring a major victory for unborn babies.

Planned Parenthood was furious – and already threatened to challenge the bill should it become law.

Joining together with other abortion industry leaders they filed a lawsuit asking the district court to put a hold on the bill while the Iowa Supreme Court evaluates the new law.

The lawsuit states “By banning the vast majority of abortions in Iowa, the Act unlawfully violates the rights of Petitioners, their medical providers, and other staff, and their patients under the Iowa Constitution and would severely jeopardize their health, safety, and welfare.”

But instead of shutting down Planned Parenthood – Polk County Iowa Judge Seidlin placed a temporary block – reinstating abortion in Iowa back to 20 weeks.

Pro-Life Governor Kim Reynolds is furious 

The abortion lobby rejoiced at the ruling knowing they could continue slaughtering babies per usual. 

And in a scathing statement, Reynolds vowed to fight back against the temporary injunction.

“In their own words, the abortion industry stressed the need for a temporary injunction so they could continue with 200 scheduled abortions in the next two weeks,” Reynolds said. 

“While Life was protected for a few days, now even more innocent babies will be lost,” she continued.

 “The abortion industry’s attempt to thwart the will of Iowans and the voices of their elected representatives continues today, but I will fight this all the way to the Iowa Supreme Court where we expect a decision that will finally provide justice for the unborn,” Reynolds declared boldly. 

Planned Parenthood will continue to attack life

As more Pro-Life bills continue to pass, Planned Parenthood will continue to fight back claiming abortion is “healthcare” and a “right” for every woman.

On Planned Parenthood’s website, they issued a press release boasting about their anti-life “win.”

“Today’s ruling means patients across Iowa will be able to access abortion care and retain control over their bodies and futures. We are proud to continue providing the care our patients need and deserve,” said Ruth Richardson, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood North Central States. 

“The fight to preserve Iowans’ fundamental right to reproductive freedom is far from over. We will continue to oppose this egregious, unconstitutional ban as it works its way through the courts,” Richardson continued. 

Of course, Planned Parenthood seems to neglect the fact that unborn babies have their own bodies – and a future – that is if they are allowed to be born. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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