Arkansas Attorney General just made a ruling that has the pro-abortion lobby red with rage


The battle over abortion has been raging in states across the nation ever since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

And the pro-abortion lobby is making every effort to repeal pro-life state laws.

But now the Arkansas Attorney General just made a ruling that has the pro-abortion lobby red with rage.

One of the ways the pro-abortion lobby is trying to subvert pro-life legislation is to put abortion referenda on the ballot.

Misleading and despicable

They are counting on misleading and despicable language in these various ballot measures, as well as their overwhelming money advantage, to dupe voters into voting for pro-abortion measures.

The abortion lobby has hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, at their disposal to promote their efforts.

They also continually write these referenda in a way that at best confuses voters, and at worst, flatly lie about the issue.

And in at least one state, they are being called out for their attempts to mislead the voters.

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin has now refused to include a proposed state constitutional amendment on the ballot that, if passed by voters, would create a right to abortion.

And he explained his decision was based on the faulty and misleading wording of the measure.

In a recently released letter, Griffin said he believed the way the Arkansas Abortion Amendment was worded was misleading to potential voters, namely how it defined “physical health.”

The amendment had defined “physical health” as “a physical disorder, physical illness, or physical injury … caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself, or when continuation of the pregnancy will create a serious risk of substantial impairment of a major bodily function.”

“It defines ‘physical health,’ not as the absence of disorder, illness, or injury, but as the presence of those things,” wrote Griffin. “That is the opposite of the common meaning of ‘health.’”

“I suspect you intended something like this: to permit ‘abortion services’ when, among other things, they ‘are needed to protect the pregnant female from a physical disorder, physical illness, or physical injury.’”

Griffin said this “foregoing defect” precluded him “from certifying your proposed ballot title,” adding that he did not have the authority to correct the proposed pro-abortion amendment text himself.

Two strikes against the pro-abortion lobby

This rejection of the ballot measure marks the second time the Arkansas Attorney General has rejected the proposed amendment due to concerns over the faulty and misleading language of the measure.

Arkansans for Limited Government, the group behind the proposed amendment, released a brief statement after the Attorney General’s decision saying they will submit a new draft to Griffin soon.

“As AFLG previously stated, the revised Arkansas Abortion Amendment carefully addressed each concern the Attorney General expressed in his November opinion,” they added. “We are pleased that the AG largely agrees with the proposed changes. Our group will work with the drafter to make the singular correction requested in today’s opinion.”

The AFLG is going to great lengths to try and make sure Arkansas allows the murder of the preborn.

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