Baby born four months premature with severe complications is all grown up and doing the last thing you’d ever expect

Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur from Pexels

The abortion industry claims they are doing good work.

Yet they encourage mothers to put their children to death at the first signs of trouble.

Now this baby born four months early with severe complications is all grown up and doing the last thing you’d ever expect.

Derick Hall gained national acclaim in the football world as a linebacker at Auburn University. 

From preemie to draft pick

So much acclaim, in fact, that he was recently selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the second round of the NFL draft. 

That means Hall was a part of an elite group.

The chances of a college football player being drafted are around 1.6%, and even lower to be drafted in the first two rounds.

But Hall has already beaten the odds, and literally has been since before birth.

You see, Hall’s story is as compelling as it is unlikely.

Hall, who is now 22, was born four months prematurely. 

Delivered at just 23-weeks, he was actually born dead and revived by doctors. 

That’s when the medical team gave Hall a slim one percent chance of even surviving. 

And they were certain he would face insurmountable developmental delays and obstacles. 

A battle for his very life

When Hall was born 23 weeks early in March of 2001, he was so small he fit in the palm of his mother’s hand. 

His mother, Stacy Gooden-Crandle, had to fight with hospital officials and the medical team for her son to continue receiving care. 

She said, “It was a battle . . . I had to fight every day for my son, because I felt like the doctors weren’t fighting for him.”

Gooden-Crandle was even pressured by medical personnel to sign a form to take Derick off of life support.

His medical team was ready to give up on him, saying he just didn’t have good odds.

She recalls, “The doctors made it look so bleak: He’d be a vegetable; he wouldn’t have any quality of life.” 

Many parents facing such a dire prenatal diagnosis or complex medical challenges in a newborn are under intense pressure similar pressure to withdraw medical care or, in the case of preborn babies, end the child’s life through abortion.

It took some five months in the NICU for Hall to finally come home. 

Hall’s grandmother, Bobbi Brown, described the moment she knew that he would beat the odds. 

She said, “I stuck my hand in the incubator, and he grabbed it and he held to it. And we knew then that Derick was going to pull through.” 

God had other plans

Brown knew that God had something great planned for her grandson.

Once Derick came home from the hospital, he was still very medically vulnerable and required massive amounts of additional care. 

Because he was born so prematurely and suffered a brain bleed, he did have some significant developmental delays. 

His breathing struggles developed into asthma that had him in and out of the hospital. 

But through it all he continued to grow and become stronger. 

Derick Hall recognizes how miraculous his life is. 

He told interviewers, “It’s truly a blessing to be sitting here in front of you today.”

According to Hall, he owes everything to his mother. 

He said, “My mom is my queen. She is everything to me, how hard she worked raising two kids by herself at first, working two or three jobs. She’s my Superhero. She’s my Wonder Woman. She’s the person who kept me living.”

Hall has been inspired by his mother to give back to the community.

When his native Gulfport, Mississippi, faced a severe water shortage, Hall paid to have five truckloads of clean drinking water, baby wipes, and essentials brought to the people of his hometown. 

That will almost certainly not be the last time that Hall finds a big way to give back. 

As his grandmother said, “Just think: If we were to decide not to have him, look what we’d have missed.” 

She is exactly right.

The world would have missed out on an amazing man and a beautiful life.

Just think how many such lives are snuffed out every year because of abortions and the doctors who give up.

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