Beauty queen trounces abortion mob argument by competing 12 days after the birth of her 8th baby

Photo by Janko Ferlic from Pexels

Pro-abortion radicals love to tell women all about what they will NOT be able to do if they become mothers. . .but they’re being proven wrong. 

An unlikely beacon of hope has come from a viral social media sensation – a mom of eight who shares how she includes her children in her dreams. 

And she absolutely trounced the abortion mob’s argument by competing just 12 days after the birth of her 8th baby.

In a stunning display of strength and resilience, Hannah Neeleman, crowned 2023’s Mrs. American, is captivating hearts once again as she competes in the Mrs. World pageant in Las Vegas, mere days after giving birth to her eighth child. 

A Juilliard-trained ballerina, Neeleman has been a familiar face in the pageant scene, previously earning titles like Miss New York City in 2010 and Mrs. Utah in 2021 – all while embracing the joys of motherhood.

Neeleman’s journey is more than a quest for beauty; it’s a testament to the power of life and the indomitable spirit of a woman who embraces both her maternal and professional roles with grace. 

Co-founder of Ballerina Farm alongside her husband, Daniel Neeleman, she has managed to carve out a niche selling farm-raised meat, sourdough starters, and various kitchen supplies. 

A true embodiment of the modern woman, she seamlessly balances career aspirations with the demands of a bustling household.

The recent Mrs. American pageant showcased Neeleman’s radiant presence and unwavering commitment to life. 

Even while pregnant, a fact undisclosed during the competition, she eloquently responded to a question about empowerment, revealing the profound impact of motherhood on her life. 

“I have felt this feeling seven times now as I bring these sacred souls to the earth,” she tearfully expressed in her pageant interview. 

“After I hold that newborn baby in my arms, the feeling of motherhood and bringing them to the earth is the most empowering feeling I have ever felt.”

Neeleman’s journey took an unexpected turn with her surprise pregnancy, adding a unique layer of complexity to her preparations for the pageant. 

In a candid video, she shared the challenges of adapting to her changing body and the uncertainties of postpartum life while navigating the demands of a high-profile competition. 

The struggles of finding suitable wardrobe options resonated with many women, highlighting the authentic, relatable aspects of her journey.

Now, with her newborn daughter in tow, Neeleman takes on the global stage, defying conventional norms about postpartum experiences. 

A captivating video montage showcases her dedication to fitness, elegant gown modeling, all while embracing the joys and challenges of motherhood. 

In a social media post, she declared, “Your Mrs. American (and baby girl American) are here and ready to roll!” – a rallying cry for all mothers striving to balance their dreams and familial responsibilities.

In a powerful Instagram post, Neeleman shattered stereotypes by sharing intimate moments from the pageant – images of her breastfeeding while getting her makeup and hair done. 

This unapologetic embrace of motherhood in the public eye challenges societal norms and celebrates the multifaceted roles that women play. 

Neeleman’s choice to showcase these moments sends a powerful message about the strength that comes from embracing one’s identity, even in the glamorous world of pageantry.

As she competes alongside fellow mothers, Neeleman recognizes the profound beauty of motherhood, acknowledging the sacrifices while reveling in the immeasurable gains. 

“Motherhood is a really beautiful journey. You’re sacrificing parts of yourself, but you’re also gaining so much,” she reflected. 

“It’s been a really cool experience to prepare for a pageant while also growing a baby.”

Hannah Neeleman’s journey stands as a beacon for pro-life Americans, embodying the strength, resilience, and celebration of life that define the heart of the movement. 

In a world often filled with anti-life sentiments, her story is a testament to the enduring power of a woman who fearlessly champions both her family and her dreams.

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