Biden set to change patient privacy regulations to try and hide this illegal activity

Photo by The White House via flickr

Joe Biden has been using every trick in the book to circumvent the law.

If he doesn’t like a law, he just goes around it.

Now Joe Biden is set to change patient privacy regulations to try and hide this illegal activity.

It appears the Biden administration is more corrupt and has broken more laws than we could even imagine.

If it’s illegal, just sign an executive order

As of February 13, 2023, Joe Biden has signed 106 executive orders, issued 125 Presidential memoranda, 381 proclamations, and 74 notices.

Each one of these does something different and has different authorities.

But many of them were done simply because there is a law, or series of laws, on the books that Joe Biden and his comrades don’t like.

So they simply go around, or even break, the law to push their radical agenda.

Now the Biden administration is working on a proposal they say will “better protect the privacy of patients seeking reproductive health care.”

This move follows concerns from abortion mills struggling to offer services in states with abortion restrictions.

In other words, another attempt to skirt the new laws in states that have made abortion illegal and/or enacted restrictions.

The Proposed Modifications to the HIPAA Privacy Rule to Support Reproductive Health Care Privacy (RIN 0945-AA20) by Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights is in response to abortion bans, or partial bans in at least 24 states.

The main impetus is to allow health providers to protect patient records when law enforcement requests them.

In other words, to help skirt, or violate state law.

Abortion-by-mail is the next big legal battle

After the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision finally repealed the horrible and deadly Roe v. Wade decision the federal government started taking action.

“In some states with bans on abortion, there was concern over what actions law enforcement may take when investigating those laws and initiating prosecution,” said Leon Rodriguez, the HHS civil rights office head under President Barack Obama.

So now, currently listed as under White House review, the proposed rule is one of many recent actions the Biden administration has taken or may yet take to try and promote the killing of the preborn.

Biden’s Food and Drug Administration announced in January pharmacies can get certified to dispense the abortion drug mifepristone.

The agency is also proposing changes to a Trump-era rule that makes it more difficult for abortion mills to decline offering abortions due to religious objections.

Biden administration is intent on promoting abortion

“I would imagine that this administration is intent on protecting access to reproductive health care to the full extent that the law allows,” said Rodriguez.

And they are keeping many of their plans close to the vest.

For example, on this new regulation, current OCR Director Melanie Fontes Rainer has declined to share the content of the proposed rule.

She did state “the Office for Civil Rights has a statutory mandate to ensure nondiscriminatory access to health care.”

But Roger Severino, head of the HHS civil rights office under President Trump, said the proposal appears to be an attempt “to twist HIPAA to use it as a bludgeon against the Dobbs decision and interfere with cooperation with law enforcement.”

No wonder that in January, the proposed rule was suddenly listed as being under White House review without ever having previously been disclosed on the Biden administration’s agenda of upcoming regulations and proposals.

Policy experts say this isn’t routine.

Severino said that in this instance, “by all appearances it was deliberate in order to keep it as quiet as possible,” due to controversy of trying “to scare medical providers from cooperating with police in states where abortion is restricted.”

“I suspect what they’re trying to do is say that in pro-life states that cooperating with law enforcement to protect unborn life is a violation of HIPAA,” Severino said.

And that is exactly what Biden is trying to do.

Now the question will be will the states fight back.

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