Biden’s FBI was caught red-handed trying to cover up their targeted attack against Pro-Lifers

Shinsuke Ikegame, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden is determined to silence Pro-Lifers and has proven he will use any means necessary to get it done.

He’s even gone so far as to weaponize the FBI to do his dirty bidding.

But now Biden’s FBI was caught red-handed trying to cover up their targeted attack against Pro-Lifers.

Calling Pro-Life Catholics “domestic terrorists”

A shocking memo leaked by a former FBI agent revealed the FBI was targeting Pro-Life Catholics deeming them as potential “domestic terrorists.”

The FBI swiftly tried to downplay the incident claiming the memo was only created and circulated in a “single office” (Richmond) and not throughout the entire FBI.

In the memo, the FBI claimed they have observed “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists” in “radical-traditionalist Catholic ideology” and vowed to crack down.

Several FBI whistleblowers came forward to Congress and revealed what was going on behind closed doors at the FBI.

The FBI was busted deleting evidence

As Congress continues their investigation against the FBI, 16 United States Senators signed a letter to the FBI demanding to know why the FBI deleted evidence needed in the investigation.

The Congressional letter to Director Wray starts off saying: “We are writing about the FBI’s failure to provide information requested by members relating to the now infamous Richmond memo while misleading this body with what little information it did provide. We recently also learned that the FBI permanently deleted critical records related to the memo, and one of the authors of the Richmond memo prepared a second, external report in coordination with headquarters that was intended to be circulated outside the Richmond office to the full FBI.”

Leave it to Biden’s FBI to deny they are targeting Pro-Lifers . . . 

. . . then delete evidence that would reveal the truth.

“Now we know that information related to the Richmond memo wasn’t provided to Congress because the FBI deleted the records as soon as the incident became public,” the letter continued.

Weaponizing the FBI against American citizens

It’s no wonder Ron DeSantis pledged to gut the FBI and strip away their power if elected President.

The FBI continues to abuse their power to target peaceful Pro-Lifers – and Biden is more than happy to let the FBI do his bidding.

But Congress isn’t letting the FBI off the hook just yet – and they are demanding the FBI start providing serious answers.

“This broader crisis of FBI leadership is part of an ongoing pattern of weaponization of federal law enforcement against ordinary citizens that we have warned you about at length, and which the FBI must address,” said Republican Senators to Wray.

But of course, given the fact the FBI already deleted evidence, finding out the truth at this point is unlikely.

Federal bureaucrats thrive under a cloak of secrecy, and they’ll do whatever they can to keep power and control over the American people.

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