Biden’s latest power grab delivered an infuriating blow to states’ rights

President Joe Biden is determined to get his way.

And he’s using his political goons to do his bidding.

But Biden’s latest power grab went too far and delivered an infuriating blow to states’ rights.

Taxpayer funding of abortion

America’s veterans turn to VA centers to help meet their healthcare needs.

But now thanks to Joe Biden, VA centers have turned into a pro-abortion hotbed – and it’s all legal.

While the Department of Veterans affairs was previously prohibited from using taxpayers to fund abortions – Biden and his pro-abortion lackeys changed the rule.

Now, pregnant moms can get abortions, paid for by the American taxpayer under the guise of “health reasons.”

Ignoring state’s rights

Many states around the country have Pro-Life laws banning abortion for “health” reasons . . . 

. . . but Joe Biden doesn’t care.

The new rule states VA hospitals must perform abortions – regardless of their own state Pro-Life laws.

Biden is so determined to expand abortion and appeal to his anti-life base – he’s willing to use the power of the federal government to trample on states’ rights – without the blink of an eye.

18 Attorneys General challenged Biden’s unconstitutional power grab and sued the Biden administration.

Last year, Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch helped lead the group of attorneys and condemned Biden’s brazen move.

Fitch said “In direct contravention of the Supreme Court’s opinion in Dobbs, President Biden has taken abortion policy away from state legislators, Congress, and, most importantly, the people and given it to political appointees in his own Administration. The Dobbs decision was about the rule of law. This VA rule is precisely the opposite,” reported Life News.

With so much backlash, any good leader would pause to reassess their decision. 

But instead of pausing and noting that 18 Attorneys General were suing him – Biden did not care and moved ahead anyway.

A final rule

The new rule allowing taxpayer dollars to fund abortions at VA hospitals was made final and posted in the federal register.


Instead of empowering pregnant moms to make life-saving decisions – Biden is leading them down a dark path.

Many veterans already deal with PTSD and trauma from serving – and ripping a baby from a mother’s womb will only add to that trauma.

If Joe Biden and his pro-abortion administration are not stopped – their actions will only ramp up.

The decisions being made today will impact generations down the road – and so many innocent babies won’t have the chance at life because of Joe Biden.  

The only hope at stopping Joe Biden’s wicked anti-life agenda is electing a solid Pro-Life President who will speak up for the unborn and reverse Biden’s radical power grab.

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