Biden’s new ad continues to lie to women about one startling fact

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Joe Biden has pledged to make the 2024 Election all about abortion. 

But his latest campaign ad was a new low – even for him. 

And now women everywhere were left dazed and confused after Biden’s new ad spread the most vicious lie ever.

Biden uses a pro-abortion woman to do his bidding

Joe Biden is so desperate to expand abortion he’s using the stories of pregnant moms to do his bidding.

Biden’s latest campaign ad features Dr. Austin Dennard – an OB/GYN from Texas who claimed she was denied a “medically-necessary” abortion in Texas putting her own life at risk.

In the ad, Dennard claimed because of Donald Trump she was denied the “right” to kill her unborn baby.

“At a routine ultrasound, I learned that the fetus would have a fatal condition, and that there was absolutely no chance of survival,” Dennard said in the ad.

“In Texas, you are forced to carry that pregnancy, and that is because of Donald Trump overturning Roe v. Wade. The choice was completely taken away. I was to continue my pregnancy, putting my life at risk. It’s every woman’s worst nightmare, and it was absolutely unbearable,” Dennard continued.

Dennard defends her abortion

But when Dennard previously testified in a Texas court about her abortion journey – she even admitted in her own words that she didn’t think her abortion would hold up as an emergency medical exception in Texas.

Dennard said, “I recognized that day in that moment that I was not critically ill. I was not hemorrhaging, I was not septic. I was pregnant with a lethal anomaly, and I did not believe that I would be able to receive an abortion in my state at that time for the sole purpose of my lethal anomaly,” CNN reported. 

Dennard may not have intended to – but through her testimony she admitted her abortion was an elective decision – not one that was needed to save her life. 

Attacking unborn babies with disabilities

While Biden thinks the campaign ad is somehow righteous – all it does is tell the world that the radical Left doesn’t believe babies with intellectual or physical disabilities deserve the chance to live.

The truth is, there are countless stories about doctors getting it wrong.

Some doctors miss the diagnosis completely and pregnant moms give birth to a healthy baby.

Other babies are born with physical or intellectual disabilities – and while there are complications – the babies don’t die – they grow up in loving homes with parents who fought to protect them.

But Biden continues to use scare tactics and lie to women stating that a mother’s life could be at risk if abortion isn’t legal everywhere.

He ignores the truth that abortion is never medically necessary to save the life of a woman, and he hopes most women won’t do the research to find out the truth.

But as more moms of children with intellectual and physical disabilities continue to speak out – Biden is learning really quickly that his devious lies will be exposed and discredited once and for all.

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