Biden’s vicious attack on crisis pregnancy centers was just blown wide open

Photo by JessicaRodriguezRivas, CC BY-SA 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

If President Joe Biden gets his way – every crisis pregnancy center in the U.S. will be shut down for good.

And Biden’s latest attack on crisis pregnancy centers proves he’s willing to do whatever it takes to promote abortion.

But while Biden tried to sneak in his latest covert attack against life – Pro-Lifers exposed his wicked plan and blew his cover wide open. 

The truth about Biden’s proposed rule change

Last fall, the Biden Administration proposed a rule change to ban crisis pregnancy centers from receiving federal funds.

Currently, through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), many states give TANF funds to crisis pregnancy centers as they help provide assistance to needy families.

Crisis pregnancy centers help vulnerable pregnant moms during and after their pregnancy – helping them choose life and setting them up for future success.

But Biden doesn’t want women choosing life . . .

. . . so his proposed rule change gives the Health and Human Services (HHS) the sole power to decide which organizations receive TANF funds.

And of course, crisis pregnancy centers are first on the chopping block.

Pro-Life politicians call out Biden

Biden hoped he could sneak in the proposed rule change without publicity – but he was dead wrong.

Chairs of the U.S. Senate and House Pro-Life Caucuses penned a letter signed by 11 Senators and 19 Members of the U.S House railing against the proposed rule change and telling HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra to withdraw it. 

The scathing letter to Becerra urges him to withdraw it immediately and said, “The Proposed Rule undermines the TANF program by targeting pregnancy centers and alternatives to abortion programs and threatening to strip them of millions of dollars of funding, depriving pregnant women in need of compassionate assistance for themselves and their unborn babies.”

But of course – Secretary Becerra is more than happy to take millions of dollars away from helping unborn babies.

The letter continued “Women deserve better than abortion and should receive support when they choose life for their babies. For decades, pregnancy centers have stood in the gap and generously provided free assistance to women, babies, and families in their moments of need—actions aligned with TANF’s purposes.”

“The Proposed Rule, however, would undermine the TANF program and threaten to strip millions of dollars in support for pregnant women and their unborn babies through pregnancy centers, maternity homes, and alternatives to abortion programs. We urge you to withdraw the Proposed Rule immediately,” the letter concluded. 

Pro-Lifers are under attack

President Biden and his radical pro-abortion administration are determined to promote abortion and silence Pro-Lifers.

They’ve proven time and time again they’ll abuse their power and use any means necessary to punish Pro-Lifers and any organization that doesn’t promote abortion.

Now more than ever, Pro-Lifers must keep the pressure on and not let Biden get away with his wicked deeds.

Unborn babies’ lives are at stake – and Pro-Lifers must continue to fight for them. 

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