Bombshell report reveals Biden’s secret plan to push abortions on minors without parental consent

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President Biden hoped to get away with murder but he was caught red-handed.

In a desperate attempt to ram through his pro-abortion agenda his administration was just busted targeting minors.

And now a bombshell report just revealed his secret plan to push abortions on to underage girls without parental consent. 

Secrets, lies, and deceit 

Biden is obsessed with promoting abortion and he’ll do anything to ensure more babies will die.

He’s even willing to stand in between an underage pregnant teenage girl and her parents.

In his latest stunt, his administration was busted promoting a document drafted by The Reproductive Health National Training Center (RHNTC).

The Washington Stand reported the details of this grotesque document, which is laced with pro-abortion propaganda and gives abortion providers like Planned Parenthood “tips and strategies” on how to contact minor teens . . .

. . . without their parents’ knowledge. 

Underage girls are encouraged to talk to Planned Parenthood in parked cars

RHNTC instructs abortionists to confirm they have the “youth clients” phone number “rather than their parents.”

To ensure “confidentiality” RHNTC tells providers to do a “privacy screen” and ask the teen if they are alone or if anyone else could hear them.

If parents are around, teens are encouraged to “use headphones” or “take a call in the bathroom or in a parked car.”  

As if luring teenagers out of the house away from the safety of their parents to a parking lot to whisper to strangers at Planned Parenthood is somehow helpful.

Targeting locations teens hang out

And if there was ever any doubt at the strategy of the abortion industry’s obsession with pushing abortions on minors – the RHNTC document directly provides abortionists with “creative” ways to reach kids.

Suggestions include mailing prescriptions and drugs in “plain and unmarked packaging” or having “curbside pickup of supplies” in community locations “frequented by youth.”

And for those too young to drive – RHNTC even goes so far as to encourage abortion providers to use a mobile van to “bring supplies” to teens directly in their neighborhood. 

Biden wants “his village” to raise your kids

While Biden’s friends like Jessica Marcella, deputy assistant secretary for Population Affairs and director of the Office of Adolescent Health claim that it “takes a village” – she’s wrong. 

Mary Szoch, director of the Center for Human Dignity at Family Research Council agreed and told The Washington Stand “Marcella’s reference that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’” is “simply an attempt to replace parents. It takes a family to raise a child — not a village.”

Szoch continued “It takes a loving mother and father who work together to teach their child to strive for the good, true, and beautiful.”

But Biden doesn’t believe a child should be raised in a traditional family with a loving mom and dad.

Instead, he wants the government and his leftist pals to sink their claws into America’s youth while they are still young and impressionable.

It’s truly sick. 

And in addition to the RHNTC document, Biden’s Health & Human Services’ (HHS’s) Office of Population Affairs had additional resources plastered all over their official website targeting teens like one titled “Promoting Youth-Friendly Environments in Family Planning Clinics,” which is just as bad as it sounds.

HHS hopes teens will use these resources to carry out the abortion industry’s agenda in secret. 

But while Planned Parenthood operates under a cloak of secrecy, Pro-Life Press will continue to expose the darkness of the abortion industry and will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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